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Union Jack Furniture

Designer Union Jack Chesterfield Sofas & Chairs

British Flag Union Jack Furniture
British Flag Design Sofa

The Union Jack Furniture range consists of sofas, stools and egg chairs.  Masterfully crafted furniture featuring the flag of Great Britain.

For years Union Jack Furniture has been popular in homes.  There is something cool and retro about British themed furniture.  In fact Union Jack themed sofas accessories and art are booming in sales right now.

Perhaps the higher demand of British themed furniture is because of the Brexit results.  Maybe more proud Brits want to show off their British heritage.   Although the results were close, Brexit did make a bold statement.   Without question, the Union Jack Furniture makes an equally bold statement.

Pay close attention in particular to the Union Jack Chesterfield Sofas.

There are two fabrics used to make the sofas.  Firstly velvet fabric.   Such as the Union Jack Sofa that we made for Graham.  Secondly denim fabric.  Both fabrics have their own qualities.  The  British themed furniture upholstered in velvet is softer and finer to touch.  Whereas the denim fabric is much more hardwearing.  Generally speaking, the Denim fabric union jack sofas would be a better sofa fabric for pet owners.

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Masterfully Crafted Union Jack Furniture

Many traits are considered “typical British”.  Wearing summer attire at the first sight of sun. Talking about the weather like a professional weather reader.   Enjoying a good cuppa.   Loving Eastenders or Coronation Street.

Sitting down and relaxing with a cup of tea or enjoying the soaps is what the Union Jack Chesterfield´s are made for.  Naturally and like all Chesterfield sofas, the height of the arms and back are equal. Deep button detailing adds a touch of class.  The British flag adds a retro, yet equally modern design feature.

Finally, read case studies here.  Firstly Graham, who purchased a velvet union jack sofa. 

3 seat velvet Chesterfield sofa in British flag