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The purpose is to show the quality and finish of a Union Jack Chesterfield Sofa
Luxury Handmade Sofas owner Danny, sat on a Union Jack Chesterfield Sofa in velvet fabric

Quality Assured for 10 years

My Union Jack Furniture is amazing quality. In fact, I personally guarantee that you are buying the best quality British themed furniture.

Hence I give you a 10 year quality guarantee on every piece of British flag furniture.

Hopefully this gives you confidence that you are buying top quality Union Jack Sofas, Chairs, Egg Chairs and accessories.

Further more, the Union jack range is very fairly priced. Especially considering each piece is guaranteed for 10-years.

Please note, there is debate about the accuracy of using ” union jack flag ” to describe the flag within our furniture. Often it’s said ” union jack flag ” only applies when used on a ship. In fact many suggest the correct term is ” union flag ” is more accurate.

So, we do refer to our furniture as ” union jack furniture “. However, it may well be more accurate to say ” union flag furniture”. Labels asside, my British flag furniture is incredible..

Union Jack Chesterfield Sofas – Egg Chairs – Footstools

Frankly, I love my Union Jack Furniture range. So much so, I have a 2 seater denim fabric Union Jack sofa in my apartment.

It is a very comfortable sofa. Very well made and unquestionably stylish.

Speaking aloud, it makes me feel very 007 like. As if I am an adventurous spy with a jet-set lifestyle that’s ready to serve Queen and Country.

Of course, the sofa makes me feel very patriotic too. But beyond that, it is a beautiful sofa.

Naturally, I adore the entire union jack range of furniture, I am confident that you will too.

British themed furniture has always been popular. However, more people than ever are buying British flag sofas and furnishings.

I believe Brexit has played a part in increasing sales. Perhaps many more proud British people are showing their identity.

Of course, it is likely that people just appreciate the super cool designs of the union Jack furniture range.

Aviator Union Jack Egg Chair range

Take the example of the aviator union Jack Egg chair. The egg chairs are handmade in two designs and embossed with the flag of Great Britain (Union Jack).

One of the egg chairs features the British flag embossed onto the back of the chairs. While the second features the British flag embossed on the inside of the chair.

Imagine reading a book or checking social media whilst you are sat comfortably in a Union Jack egg chair.

You will find the egg chairs are not only super stylish, they are comfortable too. The comfort of the egg chair is owed to the high back and soft padded foam. All you need to is climb in, sit back and just relax.

In addition to the comfort of the egg chair, I draw your attention to how cool the egg chair looks. For one, the shape and style of an egg chair gives your home something unique.

Now add a British flag / Union Jack flag design to the egg chair and you have just added to the wow factor.

Incidentally, if you do want an egg chair without the British flag embossed onto the chair, we can make them too.

The price of the egg chair starts from £650.

Contact us to discuss making a union jack Egg chair

Mini Cooper Furniture – Featuring the British Flag

Speaking of cool, you can buy Union Jack furniture in the style of the Mini cooper.

You read it right!. Yes you can buy Mini cooper furniture.

Since their inception the Mini Cooper has been an iconic part of British Fashion and culture.

Without doubt, the original Mini is the ultimate symbol of the Swinging sixties. When the youth driven cultural revolution changed the face of Music, Fashion and art in the United Kingdom forever.

These mini cooper chairs pay homage to that social revolution.

Not to mention they embrace the carefree, expressive, and super cool style that sixties fashion is famous for.

The price of the mini furniture depends on the dimensions. So please enquire to discuss..

Union Jack Chesterfield Sofas

Union Jack Denim Fabric Chesterfield Sofas

Frankly, I think my Union Jack flag sofas are amazing. So unique and colourful. Without doubt the union jack sofas will add a touch of vibrancy and cool to any room. In my living room I have the light blue denim fabric sofa.

Upholsterers make the Union Jack Chesterfield sofas in denim fabric.

Often Denim fabric is used to make jeans. In truth, just like your favourite pair of jeans, the Union Jack sofas are hard-wearing, yet very comfortable.

The strength of Denim fabric is because it contains two cottons that are woven together. The denim is dyed to create the red, white and blue colours of the British flag.

The Union Jack Sofas are handmade in the Chesterfield style. In other words the arms and back are the same height and the back and seats of the sofa feature deep button detailing.

Obviously the Union Jack flag is red, white and blue. Additionally, I give you the option of a light blue or dark blue denim fabric base colour.

The price of a 3 seat denim fabric Union Jack in Chesterfield style is £1450.

Also a 2 seat version is available enquire to discuss prices and dimensions.

Union Jack Leather Chesterfield Sofas

This is a wonderful piece of furniture. Taking the signature features of the Chesterfield style (equal back and arm height, deep buttons) and then painting on the red, white and blue Union Jack Flag.

There are two options. Firstly you can choose from a pocket sprung version of the Union Jack leather Chesterfield. That is the version of the sofa without seat cushions.

The price of the leather full union jack flag in the Chesterfield design is £2650.

Secondly, there is the Union Jack leather Chesterfield with seat cushions and a half union Jack flag.

Either of the Union Jack sofas in the Chesterfield style will add a look of authority and class to a living room, office, hotel reception area, golf club or meeting room.

The leather is prime quality vintage leather. In fact it is the very best Brazilian leather. Therefore be confident that the leather is genuine, hardwearing. Not to mention high quality.

The price of the half union jack leather sofa in the Chesterfield style is £2250


Union Jack Velvet Chesterfield Sofas

The Velvet British Flag Chesterfield Sofas are very elegant. The upholsterers made the sofa in the Chesterfield style, because the Chesterfield design is so classy.

This is going to give your living room that palatial look and really make the room stand out.

In truth the velvet fabric is very soft and luxurious. Probably not the best fabric for Children or pets. In our opinion Leather or denim is a far better fabric for our clients that have Children or pets.

The price of a 3 seat Velvet fabric, union jack sofa is £1450. A 2 seat version is available In the same style.

Take a look at the Union Jack Chesterfield Sofa that was made for Graham.


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