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Union Jack Furniture

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British Flag Union Jack Furniture
British themed Union Jack Furniture

There are few things more regal than our Union Jack Furniture range.

For the past few decades Union Jack Furniture has been ever present in homes across the world, however it´s currently more vogue than ever before.

Perhaps the boost in the popularity of British themed furniture is because of the Brexit results.  As Great Britain looks to surge forward into the future with a sense of belief and pride, more and more proud Brits want to show off their heritage.

Brexit made a bold statement as to our desire to be independant and our self assuredness in being British.  Without question our Union Jack Furniture makes a parallel statement to the outisde world.

Pay close attention in particualr to the Union Jack Chesterfield Sofas.  Two fabric types exist witin the Great British furniture range.  Firstly the velvet Union Jack Sofa.  Secondly, the denim fabric union jack sofa.  Both flag sofas are made to perfection.  The velvet version is finer on the touch and more plush.  Where as the denim fabric uinion Jack sofa is much more hard wearing.


Masterfully Crafted Union Jack Furniture

So many things exist that are quintessentially British. An obsession with talking about the weather.  A national pride in having invented Football, Cricket & Rugby.  Being proud of our castle. Pride in a heritage of world beating craftsmanship and enjoying a cup of tea.

Our Union Jack Chesterfield´s are the epitome of quality craftsmanship combined with the perfect place to sit in comfort and enjoy a cup of tea.

Equally the British flag design,  symmetrical arm & back height combined with the button detailing also make the sofa befitting for a proud home.

This range of furniture is fit for royalty or even a government secret agent.  Send an enquiry.

Union Jack Sofas