Steve 12 Seat Chesterfield

The Steve 12 Seat Chesterfield sofa.  This is the story of an extra large chesterfield corner sofa.  A huge 12 seat Chesterfield corner sofa, custom made for Steve and Kelly.

Initially Steve contacted Luxury Handmade Sofas through Amazon.  Steve wanted a 12 seater corner sofa in the Chesterfield style for his holiday home, which has a large living room.

After discussing the dimensions of the extra large chesterfield corner sofa the conversations focused on the best fabric.

A number of fabric options were discussed.  Firstly, velvet.  Secondly, leather.  Finally vinyl.  From 3 the shortlist became two.  Either leather or vinyl.

The image shows various vinyl fabric sent to steve to make the steve 12 seater Chesterfield corner sofa

Fabric choices for the 12 Seat Chesterfield Sofa

Next fabric samples were ordered and sent to Steve´s home.  Whilst the swatch samples were in transit, the team contacted Steve.  In fact the team suggested that vinyl could be better than leather.

In short, vinyl looks like leather.  Moreover, vinyl shares similar advantages to leather.  Such as being easy to clean and hard wearing.  Comparing the cost of leather and vinyl.  Obviously vinyl costs less per metre.  The Steve 12 Seat Chesterfield required over 40 metres of fabric.

Hence, the difference in cost between leather and vinyl was significant.

The image shows Denver Grained Wine / SR14413 the colour and fabric used to make Steve´s 12 seat Chesterfield sofa

Thankfully Steve and his partner agreed on the vinyl.  Subsequently, the pair selected their favourite colour and style.  In this case the colour of choice was Wine.

Early stages of the sofas construction began towards mid July.   The Chesterfield sofa makers began by making the frame of the sofa.  Of course, the sofa is hardwood.  The upholstery team choose hardwood because it is long lasting.


The image shows the frame of Steve´s extra large Chesterfield corner sofa being upholstered

Once the frame of the sofa is made, upholstering the fabric begins.  This sofa has more than 10 seats.  It is a very large corner sofa.  Hence, the Chesterfield sofa makers create the sofa in many pieces (sectional).

The upholstery team faced two challenges with creating such a large Chesterfield corner sofa.  Firstly, the sheer size of the sofa.  Secondly, applying the deep button detailing / tufting.

Deep button tufting is the essence of the Chesterfield sofa design.  Without it, a Chesterfield sofa would not be a Chesterfield sofa.  However, deep buttoning is a skilled job that takes years to master.

This is to show Steve´s finished extra large Chesterfield corner sofa. A handmade 12 seater corner sofa in the Chesterfield style

Shortly before the last day of July, the Chesterfield upholstery team had almost finished making the sofa.  Due to a 2 week workshop shutdown the upholstery was postponed.

12 Seat Chesterfield – The conclusion.

The couriers deliver the Steve 12 Seat Chesterfield on August 22nd.  The finished sofa is magnificent and fits very well in a beautiful home and living room.

In total it took just over 6 weeks to create the sofa by hand.

Dimensions of the 12 seat Chesterfield Sofa.

Seating width:  62cm. Depth:  60cm.  Height: 42cm.

Overall Height:  78cm.  Length: 487cm x 304.8cm x 243.8 cm.

Contact LSH to discuss creating a 10, 12, 14 seat or larger corner sofa in the Chesterfield style.