Steve 12 Seat Chesterfield

This is the story of the Steve 12 Seat Chesterfield sofa. An extra large Chesterfield corner sofa, handmade for Steve and his wife Kelly.

Large Leather Chesterfield Corner Sofa

So we begin in 2019 when Steve contacted us through our eBay account. Please note that we closed the eBay account. In fact our eBay account closed 12 months ago.

Put simply, we found PayPal horrendous. Actually, PayPal enabled a client to order a sofa from us, have the sofa delivered then claim a refund for “none delivery”. The result being, money and sofa lost.

From that moment on we decided not to use eBay again because of their ties to PayPal.

Conversing with Steve we learned that he wanted an extra large Chesterfield corner sofa. Specifically an extra large corner sofa with 12 seats.

Creating a Custom Made Chesterfield Corner Sofa

Steve and his wife own a holiday rental property in Cumbria. In fact they wanted the sofa made for the holiday home. The holiday home is a very luxurious property with a large living room.

Therefore the sofa needed to be two things. Firstly, handmade to a very high standard. Secondly, larger than the existing large corner sofa.

During conversations with Steve we asked what styles of sofa and what design he wanted. Also that we wanted to make the new sofa larger than the existing one.

Without question Steve wanted a sofa custom made in the Chesterfield style. Steve had seen many examples of sofas made in the Chesterfield style and saw it as ideal.

Creating a custom Made Chesterfield Corner Sofa

Later Steve emailed designs to us. The design showed his existing sofa and the shape of the new sofa.

The existing sofa is a 9 Seater Chesterfield Corner Sofa. The proposed sofa added 3 extra seats to create a 12 Seater Chesterfield corner sofa.

So with shape and style agreed we needed to discuss fabric options. Steve needed a hardwearing fabric, easy to clean and luxurious.

Fabric for a 12 Seater Chesterfield Corner Sofa

So with shape and style agreed we needed to discuss fabric options. Steve needed a hardwearing fabric, easy to clean and luxurious.

We suggested cotton, leather and vinyl to Steve. Also we suggested ordering swatch samples in all of the suggested fabrics. Steve agreed, so we posted samples to him.

With the Fabrics in transit we contacted Steve. Reason being we spoke to a Sales rep from Ross Fabrics. In fact he suggested that Vinyl would be an excellent fabric for the Steve 12 Seat Sofa.

In short, vinyl looks like leather.  Moreover, vinyl shares similar advantages to leather.  Such as being easy to clean and hard wearing.  Comparing the cost of leather and vinyl.  Obviously vinyl costs less per metre.  The Steve 12 Seat Chesterfield required over 40 metres of fabric.

In short Steve opted for a vinyl fabric. Looking at the samples, their colours, feel and other properties Steve made his choice. Finally deciding on Denver Grained Wine.

Ross fabrics manufacturer Denver grained wine. This PVC comes in smooth or grained for a realistic leather look. Treated to FR contract it is perfect for domestic or pubs, clubs, and hotels.

Making a large 12 Seat Chesterfield Corner Sofa

In truth there were delays with this project. Our Chesterfield sofa manufacturer in Birmingham started the project. However, 4 weeks into construction he admitted delays.

As a small independent workshop he could not cope alone. He agreed to the project, yet later struggled with it. Sadly for us, rather than admit problems he fobbed us off. At that point it was time to take action.

However, even as a patient man he was a little frustrated. He even started to believe that his sofa “may never arrive”. Of course we assured Steve it would. After all, we have been selling sofas for nearly 8 years and are a reputable retailer.

We very quickly found an alternative Chesterfield sofa manufacturer. After all we have relationships with many Chesterfield sofa manufacturers in the UK.

Finally production moved to another Chesterfield sofa manufacturer near Birmingham. The upholsterer prioritised the project and completed the work in 6 weeks.

Finally the completed sofa needing delivering. At this point we contacted Gap Removals. Gap Removals, (our couriers of choice for over 6 years ) delivered the Large Chesterfield corner sofa 7 days later.

Needless to say Steve and his wife Kelly were “Delighted”. Later Steve sent pictures of his 12 Seater Chesterfield sofa via WhatsAPP.

Frankly, it looks amazing and we are confident that you will agree.

To summarise the key features of the Steve 12 Seat Chesterfield sofa.

Denver Grained Wine (Faux leather vinyl) by Ross Fabrics UK.
Handmade in the Chesterfield style. Equal arm & back height. Deep button detailing.
Antique wood castors.
Medium density foam (for comfort).

Dimensions of the Steve 12 seat Chesterfield Sofa.

Seating width:  62cm. Depth:  60cm.  Height: 42cm.

Overall Height:  78cm.  Length: 487cm x 304.8cm x 243.8 cm.


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