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Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan Garden Furniture

The image shows 4-seat outdoor rattan garden furniture set with table. Taken in a garden setting there is a grey 2 seat rattan sofa another 2 seat rattan sofa. The frame of both rattan sofas are made from grey synthetic rattan. The sear cushions are purple. The back cushions are multi colour.
The image shows an out door chaise corner sofa. Upholstered in black PE Synthetic resin rattan. The rattan garden furniture is taken in an outdoor setting with trees in the background and grass in the foreground.

Differences Between Natural & Synthetic Rattan

Rattan Outdoor Furniture

Rattan Garden Furniture has two types. Natural rattan furniture and synthetic rattan furniture.

Natural rattan furniture is made from rattan palm.  Rattan palm, native to South East Asia is easy to harvest and transport.  Equally, rattan grows quickly.  In fact, Rattan grows much quicker than other tropical woods.

While rattan palm and palm trees are similar, differences exist.  For one rattan palm has a more slender stem.

Superb for making garden furniture, many outdoor sofas, tables and chairs are upholstered in rattan.

The alternative to natural rattan is synthetic rattan.  Synthetic rattan furniture is upholstered in polythene.  Alternative names include; PE Rattan or plastic rattan furniture.  Polythene is a man-made fibre manufactured to look like natural rattan.  Being durable and longlasting means that polythene makes an excellent material for outdoor furniture.

There are advantages to making garden furniture in both materials.

Rattan Corner sofas, tables and chairs

Does rattan garden furniture last?

Wicker furniture, naturally occuring and frequently referred to as “natural outdoor furniture”.  Mistakenly wicker is often thought of as the fabric.  Actually wicker is the process of weaving together smaller pieces of wood.  The fragility of wicker is a downside.  Despite that, wicker remains a popular choice in making garden furniture.  Furniture sitting in the garden will be exposed to sunlight.  In particualr clients buying outdoor furiture in spain will need a robust material.  Unfortuntely, wicker often damages under intense sun exposure. Equally, wicker requires lots of maintenance.  On the plus side, wicker is very attractive.

Often considered better than natural rattan, PE rattan is long lasting.   Moreover, PE Rattan keeps its colour.  Even with consistent outdoor use.  During manufacturing, PE Rattan sofas and chairs are treated to be weather and water resistant.   Read case studies for Julia and Claire.  Both purchased PE Rattan Garden furniture.  In both cases, the ladies were delighted with the results.

The image shows outdoor garden furniture in Rattan. The 4 seat corner sofa has a grey synthetic rattan frame with grey cushions. The out door furniture is sat on wooden decking. In front of the rattan corner sofa is a large table.