Rattan Furniture Maintenance

Maintaining Rattan Furniture

This post gives tips about Rattan outdoor Furniture Maintenance.

Since people often ask,  how long does wicker furniture last outdoors?  This post will help to prolong the lifespan of the rattan furniture.

Tips For Cleaning Rattan Furniture

These tips apply to cleaning synthetic rattan furniture to keep it looking as good as new.

It is worth mentioning that Synthetic rattan is a great choice for garden furniture.  It is both durable and easy to maintain.

In order to maintain the synthetic weave clean it regularly.  Cleaning the furniture regularly will help make the rattan furniture last longer.  Cleaning the rattan furniture every 2 or 3 months will help the furniture look as good as new.

To clean rattan furniture gather the following items.

  • A Soft sponge or cloth.
  • Mild Detergent – Such as Washing up liquid.
  • A bucket of warm water.
  • A hose.
  • A brush

First of all use a stiff brush to clean the rattan.  This will remove or loosen things such as mud or moss.   Brush gently to to protect the finish of the rattan.

Next, use a vacuum cleaner to suck up any loose dirt or dust.  Often using the brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner is effective.

Next, create a cleaning solution.  To create the cleaning solution add washing up liquid to a bucket of warm water.  Avoid using cleaning products that contain bleach or scouring agents to clean the rattan furniture.

Secondly, use a soft sponge or cloth to apply the cleaning solution to the rattan furniture.

Allow the cleaning solution to soak for one or two minutes.

Finally, rinse the rattan furniture using the hose.  Use cold water and a wide gentle spray.

After rinsing, turn the furniture upside down to dry in the sun.

Removing Stains From Rattan Furniture

Sometimes people spill liquids or food onto their rattan dining table or chairs.  If this happens wipe away the stain as quickly as possible.    Best advise, clean with a non foaming detergent.

Scrub a little harder with more detergent to remove difficult stains.

How long does rattan furniture last?

This depends on the quality of the rattan weave. Obviously some rattan weave is higher quality than others.

There are two simple rules for buying better quality rattan.

Firstly buy Rattan furniture with longer warranty periods.

Secondly, buy rattan furniture with a higher price tag.

Expect 3000 pound rattan furniture with a 10 year warranty to outlive 500 pound furniture with a 12 month warranty.

Also there are different types of rattan material. For example, PVC, PU and PE rattan. The cheapest options are PVC and PU synthetic rattan. A cheaper rattan material, however not as resistant to weather.

Most of the time PVC and PU is guaranteed for 12 months. In truth this material cracks and brittles quickly. Especially when exposed to heat.

Furniture made from PE man-made synthetic rattan tends to last longer. Also the material has UV protection and weather resistance.

Equally, testing on the rattan fibres ensures the colour and shape of the furniture lasts.

Synthetic poly rattan is usually insured for 1 to 3 years.

How long the rattan will last also depends on the frame. A Powder coated aluminium frame will last longer. The powder coating stops the rattan furniture from oxidising. Hence it lasts longer.

How to make rattan furniture look new

Using a hose to clean will help to keep the rattan furniture looking like new.  It is recommend to clean the rattan furniture with a pressure hose on a wide setting.  Furthermore, stand at least 1 metre away from the furniture.

How to clean rattan dining tables

Tables should be cleaned carefully with a clean sponge.  Equally, use a cleaning agent.   Following the instructions below.

Firstly, apply lukewarm water to the dining table.  Apply the water with a soft cloth or a sponge.

Secondly, brush the dining table with a soft scrubbing pad.  Ensure that the brush, sponge or cloth are clean.

Finally, rinse the dining table well with water.  Again, ensure that the water is clean.  These tip assist the Rattan Furniture Maintenance and make the furniture last longer.

How to clean rattan furniture cushions

Use a brush to remove loose dirt.  Make a cleaning solution.  The best solution is 1:16 mild detergent to lukewarm water.  Clean the cushions with a sponge or a brush with soft bristles.  Allow the cleaning solution to soak into the cushion fabric.  Remove the soap residue by rinsing with water.  Allow the cushions to air dry naturally.

Very important!  Do not dry clean, iron, steam iron or tumble dry the cushions.  FInally, do not clean the cushions with bleach or strong detergents.

Other ways to protect the rattan furniture outdoors.

For one, buying covers.   Covering the rattan furniture will help it to last longer.  Rattan covers are great when weather becomes much colder.

Enquire for more Rattan Furniture Maintenance tips.

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