Quality Rattan Furniture

The best high quality rattan garden furniture on Earth

My belief is that I am selling the best quality rattan furniture on the planet.

In fact I am absolutely confident about that. So much so that I personally guarantee the quality of my rattan outdoor furniture for 5 to 10 years.

But why am I so confident? Because I spent two years looking for the best rattan furniture makers in the world.

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Top quality rattan garden furniture

When I decided to sell rattan furniture I felt it had to be the very best quality rattan furniture available.

In fact I felt a strong desire to bring you new and unique designs. Not to mention expertly crafted and comfortable garden furniture.

The end goal though is making you feel proud of your garden or outdoor space.

It warms me to think of you getting a flurry of likes, shares and positive comments of your garden furniture pictures on your social media accounts.

Knowing that you are suddenly more motivated to relax in the garden, have more parties or barbecues and that my luxury rattan outdoor furniture is partly the cause….

.. that warms me too.

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Searching for my own Luxury Rattan Garden Furniture

It was 6 years ago that I first thought about selling rattan outdoor furniture. I needed something new for my garden and so I went out shopping.

I looked for rattan on eBay and for rattan on Amazon and none of it was the best quality rattan furniture around. In fact most of it looked like it would end up in next doors garden as soon as the wind blew.

So I decided to launch my own range.

The best quality rattan outdoor furniture yet at the same time not the most expensive rattan furniture.

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Manufacturers of Good Quality Rattan Furniture

In total it took me two years to find suitable quality rattan furniture manufacturers.

In 2 years I seemed to speak to hundreds of people ranging from rattan outdoor furniture wholesalers, sales agents and garden furniture retailers.

Also I looked at hundreds of rattan samples and read lots of rattan outdoor furniture catalogues.

I estimate that I spoke with nearly 70 different suppliers. But not one could help me. Until one day that is!

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Luxury Rattan Garden Furniture

I am really happy with my luxury rattan furniture collection. I see it as a personal victory that after 2 years I can present you with such a great range.

For one I give you unique and bespoke designs. It is so different to most of the rattan garden furniture for sale online and offline.

Not to mention that I present you with the best quality rattan products made from luxury Viro rattan.

Viro rattan is by far the best quality and most luxurious rattan weave on the market. It is stronger than synthetic rattan. Also Viro rattan is stronger than wicker too.

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The purpose is to show the quality of the bespoke rattan furniture

Your furniture will last so much longer with this superior quality rattan.

As a result I personally guarantee the quality of your luxury rattan for 5 to 10 years.

Contact me or email rattan@luxuryhandmadesofas.com

We work with very creative garden furniture designers, to ensure our furniture leads the way .

Most importantly is that the furniture will make your garden, pool side, hotel, bar or restaurant look like something from the page of Vogue magazine. Email rattan@luxuryhandmadesofas.com

Custom Made Rattan Furniture

Finally I also give you the option to have your rattan garden furniture custom made. Totally unique garden furniture.

Few companies give you the option to own such unique outdoor furniture or bespoke rattan furniture custom made to your tastes and sizes.

So any dimensions or colours or style you want I can have it made for you.

In the end I want you to own bespoke garden furniture that you will be proud of. Perhaps make family and friends a little jealous at the same time.

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Handmade Luxury Rattan Furniture for sale

When it comes to rattan garden furniture I personally value luxury, quality and craftsmanship above all else.

I think there is something unique and magical about handmade. In a world of mass production, handmade is becoming rare. With my rattan outdoor furniture I wanted to retain the magic and luxury that only comes with making something with the human touch.

Knowing that second and third generation rattan upholsterers make each piece with their own hands fills me with confidence and excitement.

I believe in the ability of my rattan upholsterers. Afterall, they have been applying their art for generations.

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Hand making Luxury Rattan Garden Furniture

The first part of making rattan garden furniture by hand is to create the steel or aluminum frame. The welder fuses together the steel frame for extra strength and to insure that your furniture will last.

At the same time the aluminium frame is treated with power coating. Powder coating the frame makes sure that it is weather resistant.

Once the welder has created the aluminium frame the rattan upholsterer takes over.

Next it is the role of the upholsterer to apply the rattan weave by hand. This is perhaps one of the most skilled jobs.

As you can see the rattan furniture is handmade, which is true of all of my rattan garden furniture for sale.

Such is the quality and craftsmanship of this rattan that I will personally guarantee it for 5 years. In some cases as much as 10 years.

All I want is that you are delighted with the quality and comfort of my luxury rattan furniture. I also pride myself in offering Unique Rattan furniture too.

Finally I want you to be confident that you have bought wisely and that the furniture will be long lasting. Hence, I offer 5 7 and 10 year guarantees.

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