Zebra Print Sofa Carmen


Zebra Print Sofa Carmen.

Faux Fur ( Pony Skin Velboa) designed to look like a safari zebra.

Naturally the zebra stripes are black and white.

There are two variations to the zebra stripe design.  Swatch samples available.

Standard dimensions ( in centimetres )

1. Height 70cm (minus legs)
2. Width 180 cm
3. Depth 90 cm
4. Internal 140 cm
5. Seat height 43 cm
6. Seat Depth 60cm
7. Arm Height 70 cm

Arm width: 15 cm

Customisations are available.

Contact us to discuss. Or order online.




The goal is to show the quality of the zebra print sofa and how it would look in a clients home.

Zebra print sofa

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