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Union Jack Furniture

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The Union Jack Furniture range consists of Union Jack Chesterfield sofas, stools and egg chairs.

All British flag themed pieces are handmade to order and delivered within 6 to 8 weeks.

The furniture is handmade and made using the best materials.  Such as high density foam and hardwood frames.  Making the Union Jack furniture in this way ensures optimum comfort and strong, long lasting furniture.

Importantly all Union Jack chairs and sofas are guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years.

Clients can choose to have a sofa made in one of three fabrics.  Firstly, Genuine leather.  Secondly velvet.  Finally denim.  Of course fabric has its own unique qualities and style.   Clients are welcome to contact us to discuss the design and fabric options.

British themed furniture is very vogue right now.   Interestingly the demand for our Union Jack furniture is high in countries outside of the United Kingdom.  For example the USA and Far East.

British Themed Union Jack Furniture –

Whilst popular with clients outside of Britain, the UK flag sofas and furniture range are considered ideal for typical Brits.

Of course, many traits are considered “typical British”.  Obviously there is wearing summer clothes at the first sight of sun.  Talking about the weather like a professional weather reader. Enjoying a good cuppa, whilst watching the television.

Sitting down and relaxing with a cup of tea is exactly what the Union Jack Chesterfield´s are made for.

Naturally and like all Chesterfield sofas, the height of the arms and back are equal. Deep button detailing adds a touch of class. The British flag adds a retro, yet equally modern design feature.

Finally, read case studies here. Firstly Graham, who purchased a Union Jack Fabric Sofa upholstered in velvet Fabric. 

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Velvet Fabric Union Jack Sofa

3 Seat "i" 2 seat