Patchwork Sofas

Patchwork Sofas

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30 Years Of Expertise

UK´s Best Patchwork Sofa Makers

Patchwork sofas made by experts.   Notably, the team making the patchwork furniture has been doing so for over 30 years.  The patchwork sofa makers focus on quality and craftsmanship.  Without question they are considered one of the best patchwork furniture makers in the UK. Evidenced in the patchwork sofa reviews

The patchwork items are made from either chenille fabric or leather. The multicoloured tiles are sewn together to create one overall design. A seamstress makes every patchwork design by hand.

Often called Bohemian patchwork sofas because of their bright colours. Owing to the clothing brand of the same name. Equally bohemian is a term used to describe a creative free thinking person that are considered different to the norm.

Customised Patchwork Sofas

Where To Buy

Few Patchwork furniture makers in the UK provide our level of flexibility and design choice. The team make patchwork furniture exactly to our client´s requirements. Simply choose the core colours, shape and size of the patchwork sofa or chairs. Moreover the team can make patchwork corners, 3 seat, 2 seat, 1 seat sofas and chairs. Designs include; the camel back patchwork. Animal print patchwork and many multicoloured patchwork sofa designs. It is worth to mention the team can create most patchwork designs and in leather or fabric. So contact us.

The patchwork sofas are for sale in a number of places. First of all the patchwork furniture is for sale on the Facebook shop. Finally, and most typically clients can order patchwork furniture by contacting us. All payment methods are safe and secure.

Finally examples of patchwork items made for our clients. Take inspiration from them. Also gauge ability of the upholstery and design teams. Patchwork sofas made for Marc, John, Eleanor.