Patchwork Corner Sofas

Patchwork Corner Sofas

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Unique, Bohemian Patchwork Corners

Patchwork Corner Sofas

All Patchwork Corner Sofas are handmade.  Furthermore, every patchwork corner sofa is made in England.

Without doubt the upholsterers making the patchwork corners are experts in the art of sofa making.  In fact, the upholstery team has been making sofas in patchwork for over 20 years.  Often clients buy patchwork furniture for cottages, brightly coloured rooms or rooms with unique designs.

Frequently the Owners of patchwork furniture have reported an increase in mood and emotional well being. Interestingly, the upholsterers that make the patchwork corners have said the same thing.

Patchwork corner sofas are noticeably bold and brightly coloured. Very bohemian or avant garde.

For that reason the owners of patchwork are often unique or bohemian too. Click the red text to read reviews on Facebook.

Corner Sofas In Patchwork Designs

Customised Patchwork Corners

What makes the patchwork corners even more incredible is their individuality. Since the patchwork pattern is handmade it is difficult to repeat the pattern. A seamstress sews every coloured tile together by hand. The result is a completely random sequence of tiles. Which in essence gives each corner sofa made in patchwork its own personality.

To add to the uniqueness further the corner sofas can be customised. In other words clients can choose the dimensions, feet design and the core colours of the patchwork.

For example, a client can have the patchwork pattern in blue, green and red. With stripes, without stripes. It´s important to stress that this doesn´t mean that clients can choose the exact shade of blue or the exact shade of green. The upholsters are governed by what the fabric providers have.

Please make contact to discuss your exact requirements.