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Leather Sofas

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Sofas Made In Genuine Leather

Leather sofas made from real leather. It is very important to mention that only sofas made from genuine leather hides can be called leather sofas.

Many fabrics exist that look and feel like leather (“Faux leather”, “leatherette”, “air leather” or “vegan leather”).

On the other hand genuine leather is an animal product. As a result leather often has scars or growth marks. It is important to mention that leather marks occur naturally and should be not be considered as defects.

Generally all of the leather has a two tone finish. Equally the leather is heavy weight and full grain pigmented. In summary this creates a more durable leather that won’t fade or scuff.

The genuine leather is manufactured in many colours and finishes. For example Brown, Black, Grey and green. The upholstery team makes corner sofas, 3 and 2 seat sofas and recliners sofas too.

In other words our clients have lots of choice. Clients can order leather samples and swatches.

Sofas Made In Leather from Italy

For more than 15 years the upholstery team has made sofas using Futura leather. It is their expert opinion that Futura manufactures the best quality leather.

Obviously high quality sofa making needs to be complimented by high quality leather.

Founded in 1985, Futura is an Italian leather manufacturer that has existed for over 30 years. Futura was founded in the Italian city of Vicenza. Located in North East Italy, Vicenza is famous for its quality architecture and elegant buildings.

Since 1985 a humble Italian leather manufacturer has grown into a world leader. In addition to making leather for Italy and the UK they supply leather to 68 other countries.

Futura achieved their success by focusing on 3 things. Firstly, innovation. Secondly, service. Finally, quality.

Futura make their leather to high standards. Namely ISO9001. In summary, ISO9001 means the leather is safe, reliable and great quality.

Moreover quality control engineers inspect all leather before it leaves the factory. Hence, clients can be confident in both the quality of the sofa upholstery and the leather too. Contact to discuss making a leather sofa.