Custom Made Sofas

Custom Made Sofas

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Custom Made Sofas

Custom made sofas are the best option for clients having difficulty finding a style or shape of sofa that fits a room exactly.

There are numerous advantages to buying a made to measure sofa.   For one it is often quicker to have a sofa made to measure. Especially when compared to searching online or in shops.

In truth people often invest lots of time searching for the perfect sofa.  Often, the perfect sofa does not exist.  Especially looking at “off the shelf” options.

In fact, most sofas are made to preset dimensions.  Frequently, the only alterations that can be made to a sofa are limited to changing the colour or the style of the fabric.

Therefore a bespoke sofa that´s tailor made exactly very frequently saves time.


Custom Made Sofas & Chairs

Custom made means made to order for a particular client.  In other words that means choosing every element of the sofas design.  Including the sofas fabric, dimensions and feet style.

Expert Guidance

For more than 25 years we have worked with a team of professional upholsterers.  Experts in creating custom made sofas.  In fact we ourselves have become experts in helping clients create a sofa from scratch.

For clients that have never purchased a custom made sofa before and those that want help there is a furniture consultant to speak with.

Crucially they are there to provide input, ideas and assurance.  Ultimately they are a sanding and point of contact. Importantly, the level of communication will be ongoing and will be as frequent as is necessary.

Finally a design architect can create images of the custom-made-sofa. The computer design is the chance to see the customised sofa before the sofa is made.  Contact us to discuss, see fabric samples or more photographs.