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Custom built and made-to-order

Custom Made Sofas

The upholsterer´s have custom made sofas for over 25 years. In fact most began their apprenticeships in the late 80´s. Furthermore the team of 30 upholsterers has over 400 years experience in making sofas. Not to mention working relationships with the best fabric makers in the world. Fabric manufacturers like Ross Fabrics and Futura.

Confidence In Quality

For this reason be confident in the quality of the custom made sofas. Often that quality is backed up by 15 year frame guarantees.

Despite the advantages of buying custom made sofas doing so is becoming rare. Typically buying a customised sofa is the best option. For one it is quicker to have a sofa made to measure. Especially when compared to searching online or in shops. Often investing lots of time searching for the perfect sofa. In truth the perfect sofa often does not exist. Therefore it is much easier to create the perfect sofa. Achieved by choosing the fabric, leg design and the dimensions.

Additionally, to have a sofa that is customised is an opportunity to own a rare, one-off sofa. Imagine creating the only sofa of its type on the planet.


Custom Made Sofas & Chairs

Custom made means made to order for a particular client. In other words, choosing the elements that make the ideal sofa. The list Includes the feet design, fabric style and measurements.

Expert Guidance

Crucially a furniture consultant will be there to guide the process. They provide input, ideas, assurance. Ultimately they are a sanding and point of contact. Importantly, the level of communication will be ongoing and will be as frequent as is necessary.

Finally a design architect can create visual images of the custom-made-sofa. The computer design is the chance to see the customised sofa before the sofa is made.

The team has made hundreds of custom made sofas over the decades. Images of the sofas are available on request. Additionally, fabric samples are available to order too..