Custom Made Sofas

Custom Made Sofas

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LHS Bespoke:  craft an original and personalised sofa

Custom made sofas, the perfect solution for clients that value bespoke and rare in their most authentic form.  Luxury Handmade Sofas presents LHS Bespoke:  a design collaboration between client and sofa artisan.

LHS Bespoke means bringing together decades of sofa making expertise, with your vision.   The result, a custom made sofa and a truly unique creation.  Customised sofa examples, John, Kyla, Laura,Steve

Having a sofa made to your own specifications starts by speaking to a specialist.

The conception of your bespoke Sofa starts with a single sheet of paper.  From there, we design your sofa masterpiece.  Your vision realised without compromise or limitation.

LHS Bespoke means creating a sofa with the perfect dimensions and personalised to you.

The ultimate way to save time.  Rather than searching for the perfect sofa, build it.  Tailored sizes, aesthetics and colours.

Furthermore, it´s your chance to create a truly personalised sofa, according to your own unique identity.

Bespoke Sofas – Created to your personal taste

Custom Made means that an upholsterer will create a sofa to your exact size, colour and specifications

In other words, it means you bringing your own personal touch to a unique, one-off sofa.

Naturally we present you with an abundance of choice in colours, fabrics, skins and finishes.

Firstly take our signature sofa models and add your own unique twist, we can show how the design will look using a computer generated image.

For instance, take a standards sofa and have it made in 3 contrasting colours.  Or a sofa with a leather frame and fabric cushions.

In fact the opportunities are almost limitless.  A major advantage over purchasing a bespoke sofa, rather than a sofa that is mass produced.

During the past 30 years the expert upholstery team has created hundreds of custom made sofas.

Hence, you are in safe hands.  Speak to a specialist to bring your dream sofa to life.

Silver studs to show the quality of the materials used in the handmade sofas