Corner Sofas

Corner Sofas

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Corner Sofas

Corner sofas. During Victorian times the sofas were made from two larger sofas pushed together. Today´s corner sofa designs are based on sofa designs from the 1950s.

Corner sofas tend to be made in sections. Hence the name “sectional sofas”.

There are 3 types of sectional corner sofa. Firstly, L shaped. Secondly, U shaped. Finally curved sectional sofas.

In fact the ideal corner shape depends on the dimensions of the room. L shape sofas tend to have a corner on the left or right side. Generally speaking, this is the called sofa orientation.

With that in mind, stand in front of a corner sofa. If the corner appears on the right side, this is a right hand or right facing corner sofa. Equally, if the corner appears on the left side, then this is a left hand or left facing corner sofa. Contact to discuss.

Curved, L Shape, U Shape Corner Sofas

In summary, there are 3 main corner sofa types. Firstly curved. Secondly, U shape. The third is the L shape. The advantage of Curved corner sofas is that they save space. In fact, the curved sofa brings people close together. Which means that they are great for conversation and socialising.

For the most part, the L shape sofa is great for smaller living spaces. U shapes are a great corner sofa for larger rooms. U shape and Curved sofas are often modular.

Modular sofas are delivered to homes in multiple pieces. In comparison, L shape sofas tend to arrive in 2 or 3 pieces. The ideal way to ensure a corner sofa fits exactly is to have the sofa custom made.

Over recent years the team has custom made corners in all shapes and sizes. There is large library of 9 seats, 8 seats, 7 seat and larger sofas.

Actually, all of the corner sofas shown in the images have been made by our upholstery team. Contact to discuss.