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Chesterfield Sofas

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Superior Craftsmanship – Guaranteed For 25 years

Chesterfield sofas made to such high standards that the guarantee is 25 years.

In truth, most retailers of Chesterfield sofas provide a 2 or 3 year guarantee.

Ask yourself, is two years enough?  After all, the time will pass in a blink of an eye.

Furthermore, what happens in 2 years when the flaws of your cheaply made Chesterfield sofa start to manifest?  The answer is, nothing happens and that you have lost money.  Why take such a risk?

Invest now in a quality Chesterfield sofa.  Firstly we are specialist Chesterfield sofa retailers and have been since 1988.  Not to mention that our Chesterfield sofa upholsterers also have 3 decades of expertise.

Finally all of our Chesterfield sofas are handmade from the finest materials available.

English Made – Genuine Chesterfield Furniture – Upholstery Masters

Chesterfield sofas have been made in England for 2 hundred years.  We feel that an English made Chesterfield sofa is the most authentic.  For that reason we only sell English made Chesterfield furniture.

There are other hallmarks of an authentic Chesterfield sofa, that our sofas will feature.  The Upholsterers will handfix the buttons to the Chesterfield sofa frame.  At the same time the upholsters will secure the buttons with nylon tie.

Secondly,  the upholsterers will hand tack the nails through the leather of fabric of the Chesterfield sofa.  These are some of the hallmarks of a well made, authentic Chesterfield sofa.

The practices and upholstery techniques applied by the Chesterfield sofa makers have one goal in mind.  That is to create the best quality and Chesterfield sofas for our discerning buyers to be enjoying in years to come.

We strive to be one of the worlds leading Chesterfield sofa brands.  Also, we value service and exceeding our clients expectations.

We can create tailor made pieces in the Chesterfield style.  Like we did for Kyla and Steve.