Animal Print Sofas

Animal Print Sofas

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Animal Print Sofas

Animal Print Sofas. Handmade in England by expert sofa makers. Without question, animal print is very different from the norm.

The sofa makers create the animal print furniture to order. Equally the sofa makers can custom make the sofas. In other words, choose the design, size and style of the sofa.

Here is a custom-made zebra print sofa.

In addition to zebra print there are other safari animal prints available. First of all giraffe print. Secondly, leopard print. Thirdly cheetah print. Finally there is also classic tiger print.

Interestingly a sofa has been made that featured all of the animal prints. This is a safari print patchwork sofa.

The animal print fabric is very unique. In fact the fabric feels like fur. It is important to mention that the fur is fake. Sometimes called faux fur it is fake. No animals are harmed to make the fabric.

Bird Print Sofas. Zebra Print Sofas. Tiger Print Sofas.

A Range of Sofas In Animal Print

Whilst faux fur sofas are popular there are other options within the animal print range.

The sofa makers have created animal print patchwork sofas too. One example is the bird print sofa. The bird print sofa mixed coloured tiles and exotic bird tiles. A review of the bird print sofa can be read here.

Secondly the stag print sofa. The stag print sofa featured a mixture of cream and brown chenille fabric with a stag head.

In addition to making living room furniture and sofa in animal print it is possible to make dining room furniture too.

Equally the upholstery team can create chairs, footstools and other accessories in animal print.

In the first instance it is recommended to contact us. Together with saving time it helps to understand the style of sofa needed.