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Patchwork Sofas

Chesterfield, Camelback and Corner Sofas

colourful patchwork sofas
Patchwork sofas in 3 seats

Handmade In England

Patchwork Sofas & Furniture

The upholstery team has made patchwork sofas for decades.  In fact, since 1988, which is over 30 years.  The upholstery team is one of the most experienced patchwork furniture makers in the UK.  As important as their high levels of experience is a dedication to making the best quality sofas in patchwork.  Equally, that being handmade in England.

Patchwork sofas have many design options.  Firstly, a bohemian patchwork sofa in fluorescent tiles. Secondly more neutral or earth designs.  Mostly based on the Chesterfield style, the design options are limitless.

Creating a sofa in patchwork is an art.  A skilled seamstress creates a mosaic from multiple pieces of chenille fabric, later upholstered to the frame of the sofa.  Creating the patchwork pattern needs patience and lots of time.  On average the seamstress makes 1 patchwork pattern each week.  All patchwork sofas are handmade in the United Kingdom.

Choose the colours, style and size

Custom Designed Sofa In Patchwork

Few Patchwork furniture makers can provide such level of flexibility and design choice.  The team make patchwork furniture pieces to exact requirements.  In others words, choose the core colours, shape and size of the patchwork sofa or chairs.

In recent years the upholstery team has created many patchwork sofa designs.  The designs are varied and all customised.  Including an earthly camelback patchwork, bold bird print patchwork design,  fake fur patchwork.  Finally lots of multi-coloured sofa designs.  Here is an example of a sofa in patchwork made for Laura. Here Laura reviews her Patchwork sofa.

The patchwork furniture makers can create corner sofas, 4 seats, 3 seats, 2 seats, Chesterfield and chairs in a patchwork design.

As a matter of fact, clients can choose the core colours featured in the patchwork design. For example tell us if you need green, red, orange or blue tiles featured in the patchwork design, we can create the sofa accordingly.

a 3 seat Patchwork sofa made in the Chesterfield style. That means with equal back and arm height. With a mixture of dark fabric tiles, pink, yellow and black stiched together to create a mosiac or patchwork design.