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Patchwork Sofas

Chesterfield, Camelback and Corner Sofas

colourful patchwork sofas
Colourful patchwork sofas

Multi Coloured Patchwork Sofa Range

We have one of the most exciting ranges of Patchwork Sofas for sale online.

Because we are one of the UK’s premiere patchwork sofa and furniture makers.

Creating a patchwork sofa is a skilled art as every piece of the patchwork design is intricately sewn by hand to create one overall design.

The nature of patchworking means that each sofa has a design that is unlikely to ever be repeated.  Contact us.

Choose the colours, style and size

Custom Designed Sofa In Patchwork

In general, the multicolour patchwork sofas are the most popular designs that are purchased by our clients.  However, the patchwork design options are almost limitless.  In recent years the upholstery team has created patchwork sofas ranging from an earth coloured camelback patchwork to a bold bird print design.

Our skilled upholstery team can custom design patchwork sofas to match the needs of our clients.  The upholstery team can make corner sofas, 4 seats, 3 seats, 2 seats, Chesterfield and chairs in a patchwork design.

Moreover, our clients can choose the core colours featured in the patchwork design.  For example tell us if you need green, red, orange or blue tiles featured in the patchwork design, we can create the sofa according to the needs of our clients.  Contact us

Patchwork sofa frame