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Patchwork Chesterfield Sofas – Armchairs – Footstools

I love our patchwork sofas and armchairs. They are so colourful, so bohemian.

I take pride in the high quality of our fabric and leather patchwork sofas with colours personalised by you.

Price depends on the size of the patchwork sofa. Also the numbers of colours featured in the patchwork design. Finally if the patchwork sofa is upholstered in leather or fabric.

For example a 3 seater fabric patchwork sofa with up to 5 colours starts from £999.

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The leather and fabric patchwork is so bright and colourful. There is something magical about their mood lifting capabilities.

Often people tell me how much they adore them, even people that may not buy one.

Since you are are visiting a page about Patchwork sofas, I am guessing you like them too?

For years we have specialised in making sofas in patchwork and have many examples to show.

For example a Brightly coloured sofa custom made for Eleanor

Bohemian Patchwork Sofas – Colorful Sofas in leather or fabric

Without doubt the multi coloured patchwork will lift the mood in your room.

Even the darkest of room will be brought to life with such colourful and vibrant furniture.

Often I call them Bohemian Patchwork Sofas. Mainly because I associate the word Bohemian as being unconventional and standing out from the crowd. Not to mention brightly coloured.

Exactly the words that I would use to describe the patchwork sofas, armchairs and footstools. Such brightly coloured sofas, and accessories!

An example of a Multi coloured sofa custom made for Laura.

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Leather Patchwork Sofa range

A leather patchwork sofa handmade in the Chesterfield style. That is the arm and back of the sofa are equal heights. Not to mention the scrolled arms and the deep buttons and nailhead detailing.

In addition to making you a leather patchwork sofa the upholsterer can make you a patchwork leather armchair.

The patchwork pattern is created by sewing together colorful pieces of leather. The result is a pattern that is difficult to repeat. That is what makes the leather patchwork range so unique.

It is worth mentioning too that you can choose your own colours. That is if you want red, green, blue or yellow patchwork I can have it made for you.

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Patchwork Fabric Sofas

A fabric patchwork sofa range handmade in chenille

Just like the leather patchwork furniture the fabric patchwork is handmade in the Chesterfield style. In other words the arms and back of the sofa are equal heights.

Of course the upholsterer can create fabric patchwork sofas, armchairs and footstools.

The patchwork pattern is made by sewing lots of pieces of Chenille fabric together to create a unique patchwork fabric furniture.

Additionally, you can choose your own colours. So if you want a patchwork pattern green, red, blue and orange chenille fabric then I can have it made for you.

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Handmade & Completely Unique Patchwork Furniture

While the patchwork sofas and armchairs are bright, colorful and eye catching, they are also unique. The Patchwork pattern on the sofas and armchairs is made by hand.

In fact the upholstery makes the pattern with different pieces of coloured leather. By stitching the pieces of coloured leather together, eventually the upholsterer creates one overall brightly coloured sofa, stool or chair.

The upholsterer would find it very difficult to repeat the patchwork pattern. Hence, each colourful patchwork sofa, armchair or footstool will be a one off piece of furniture.

So not only can you wow your friends and family with a brightly coloured sofa, you can wow them again by telling them that it is bespoke.

Read about a colourful sofa in Patchwork made for Jon

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Personalised, Custom Made Patchwork Sofas & Furniture

When you order a patchwork sofa, patchwork stool or patchwork armchair from me, I give you the option to choose your colours. You can also choose between a patchwork sofa in leather or fabric.

For example, say you want a colourful sofa in green, red and orange. Or red, white and yellow, then I can have furniture made in those colours for you (leather and fabric).

This is a great way to ensure that you get exactly the patchwork furniture that you want.

Not to mention that you can also change the sizes of the patchwork furniture too. So if you need a patchwork sofa that is 205 cm, or a chair that is higher, I can arrange for those changes to be made.

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Making a colourful sofa in Patchwork by hand

The purpose is to show how the colorful bohemian Chesterfield patchwork sofa range looks once it is made by the upholsterer

Please note that all patchwork sofas are made by expert upholsterers. In fact they are dedicated to only making patchwork furniture. This ensures a high quality finish on all sofas and accessories.

Furthermore that I only have handmade patchwork sofas for sale. In other words no sofa is mass produced and each piece is lovingly crafted by hand.

Something I believe that makes my patchwork pieces extra special.

Additionally all the sofas in patchwork are custom made-to-order. Meaning it takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks to make each piece.

Every patchwork piece is tailored to you as an individual. Therfore you are owning something that no one else has. A completely custom made patchwork sofa.

The upholster makes personalised and brightly coloured sofas and accessories too. For example a brightly coloured sofa I had custommade for a client.

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The upholsterer makes all of the patchwork sofas by hand made and following the same principals. First of the all the upholsterer makes the frame to size.

Next the upholsterer add the foam to the arms of the patchwork sofa. A seamstress prepares the patchwork pattern in advance.

In fact she makes the pattern by sewing lots of pieces of multicoloured fabric together which creates very colourful sofas.

Next the upholster adds the foam to the back of the patchwork sofa. Later the upholsterer add more of the patchwork pattern to the sofa.

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The purpose of the image is to show how the sofas in patchwork are made

Finally the upholsterer adds the spring seating coils, the remainder of the patchwork fabric. At this point the patchwork sofa is complete and ready for delivery.

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