Patchwork Multi Coloured Sofa

Custom Made Patchwork Multi Coloured Sofa

A team of sofa making experts created this beautiful Patchwork Multi Coloured Sofa.   In fact a second generation Chesterfield sofa maker and seamstress made the Patchwork Multi Coloured Sofa.

The upholsterer made the frame of the sofa by hand.  Equally the upholsterer applied the patchwork pattern by hand.

This blog tells the story behind the Patchwork Multi Coloured Sofa.  A customised patchwork sofa.

A client approached us in the summer of 2018.  The client wanted a unique designer sofa.  Since the team are experts in making one-off sofa designs we agreed.

At first the team had many telephone conversations with the client.  The purpose of the phone conversation is to understand what the client wants.  An important part of working with us is getting to know the client.

During telephone conversations we learned a number of things.  Firstly, the client wanted a unique sofa in patchwork.  In truth the client wanted a piece that no one had ever owned before.  Secondly, the client wanted a sofa made to high quality standards.

After we exchanged many conversations the client asked us to make the sofa.

Bespoke Patchwork Sofa

Besides telephone conversations a number of emails were exchanged.  Perhaps the most important emails being those with design ideas on.  Of course the final sofa will be a completely unique patchwork.  Most importantly a sofa that has never been seen before.  However, the team having design ideas is helpful.

Of all the design ideas a number stood out.  For one, the client liked neon and fluorescent colours.  We found that sofas that featured red, blue, green and pinks colours appealed most.  Moreover, sofas featuring patchwork stood out.


We concluded with one more telephone conversation.  Here the client and team agreed the final design.

Next the upholster and design team talked on the phone.  The team forwarded the design ideas to the upholsterer.  After some time the upholsterer had a clear idea of the sofa design.   After 6 weeks the sofa was completed.