Patchwork Multi Coloured Sofa

This blog tells the story behind the Patchwork Multi Coloured Sofa.  A very colourful customised patchwork sofa. More sofas in Patchwork

The images shows a Multi Coloured Sofa in bright patchwork

In the summer of 2018 a client approached us wanting a unique designer sofa. 

At first we had many telephone conversations with the client to understand what they wanted. To us this is an important part of working with us is getting to know our client to build a greater understanding of their needs.

In this case our client wanted a “completely unique sofa” which “not every has”. At this point we suggested a sofa made in Patchwork.

Afterall it is almost impossible to repeat the pattern on a patchwork sofa.

The purpose is to show a one of our brightly coloured sofas will look to potential clients

Custom Made Patchwork Multi Coloured Sofa

We work with one of best patchwork sofa makers in the country. Without doubt they are masters.

For one the upholsterer has made hundreds of Patchwork Multi Coloured Sofa designs over a career that spans 30 years. Not to mention the seamstress that made the Patchwork Multi Coloured Sofa is just as experienced.

During another telephone call I suggested to my client that we make her something in patchwork. We emailed images of past projects and the client called back and agreed to our suggestion.

At that point it was time to start work on the Patchwork Multi Coloured Sofa.

The purpose is to show how a bright colorful sofa would look to our clients

Colourful Bespoke Patchwork Sofa

Of course lots more email exchanges took place. Now we had arrived at the important stage, the design stage. Importantly we had to create something that our client would like.

Since 2016 we have sold many sofas made in patchwork. So we had lots of examples to show our client.

Of course we are making something unique for our client. However we wanted to trigger some inspiration.

During an exchange of emails our client mentioned that she “liked neon colours” and asked if we could make a fluorescent sofa?

After speaking to my upholsterer he confirmed that we could. We called the client who asked to make a “completely unique sofa with lots of bold colours”. We agreed on colours and work commenced.

The purpose is to show a close up of one of our colourful sofas

A colourful sofa handmade and delivered in 6 weeks

In truth we were delighted with the finished sofa. It is such a colorful sofa made from various green, red, yellow, orange and blue tiles all sewn together.

When we showed the images to the client she was delighted. She said ” I have never seen such a brightly coloured sofa before”. While we have sold many colourful sofas we do not recall such a bright coloured sofa as this.

It took just 6 weeks to make this bright coloured sofa in patchwork design. As always Gap removals transported the “rainbow sofa” from the UK to Spain.


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