Marc´s Patchwork Sofa

Marc´s Patchwork Sofa

This blog is about Marc´s patchwork sofa.  A custom made patchwork sofa sold in the  Alhaurin Furniture Emporium.

The store has a fantastic reputation for selling preowned furniture.  However,  Marc wanted to start selling new furniture.  Consequently, he contacted us.

In the first instance, Marc messaged the  Facebook Page.   After a small exchange of messages, we spoke on the telephone.

Whilst messaging through Facebook we learned of Marc´s desire to sell new furniture.

As a result, we asked why.

After all, his store is well known for selling quality used furniture.  Since 2014 the store has grown a strong reputation.  The conclusion, Marc wished to expand his business.   Based on careful thought, he decided to retail new sofas.

Before making contact, Marc considered a number of factors.  Firstly that there are a number of sofa shops in Marbella.  Secondly, his reputation is for selling second-hand furniture in Marbella.  Finally, what are the best sofas to sell?

In short, Marc decided to retail “eye-catching” and “bespoke sofas”.  Since the store has lots of floor space, and many visitors he could easily draw attention to a new range.

Marc selected 3 sofas to retail.  Firstly a Union Jack Chesterfield.  Secondly, a 3 & 2 seat velvet sofa.  Finally, a bright, multi-coloured patchwork sofa.  A sofa originally made for Eleanor.

Besides all 3 sofas being unique, they are very high quality.   An important factor for Marc.

Equally, Marc felt the sofas should be English made.  First of all the safety standards in the UK are very high.  Actually, no sofa can be made in England without passing strict fire safety checks.  Secondly, English design standards are excellent.

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