Marc Patchwork Sofa

Marc contacted us in 2019 to supplying him with “quality furniture”. Of course delighted to help we supplied a brand new Patchwork Chesterfield Sofa to Marc. Hence, Marc Patchwork sofa.

Handmade Sofa in Patchwork

In the summer of 2019 we supplied a Patchwork sofa to the Alharin Furniture Emporium. The Alharin Furniture emporium sells used furniture In the past 5 years Marc has built a strong reputation for selling very high quality used furniture.

At first I was a little surprised to be contacted by Marc. Afterall, we only make new furniture. In fact Marc wanted to diversify his business. Marc had a clear goal, sell bold and unique furniture on his shop floor.

Since the shop has “plenty of floor space”, Marc wanted sofas that “would stand out”

At that point I immediately drew his attention to our Patchwork Sofa and Union Jack Sofa range. Since every piece of patchwork furniture is multi coloured bold and eye catching, I felt this would clearly stand out on the shop floor.

A Multi coloured sofa in patchwork designed to stand out

In theory Marc liked the theory of selling the Sofas in Patchwork on his shop floor. However, he “needed to be convinced” and asked for Photographs and timescales”. Initially I suggested 6 to 8 weeks.

A little while later and Idea had come to mind.

A few weeks before a client asked us to remake her sofa in patchwork. While our client (Eleanor) asked us for a “random sofa in patchwork” she did not like what we produced for her.

At the point we agreed to remake the sofa for Eleanor. However this time using her suggested colours.

As a result the sofa in patchwork made for Eleanor was ready for delivery straight away. Of course this would save Marc lots of time, while helping solve a problem for us too.

So we telephone Marc straight away and suggested the idea. Thankfully he too liked the idea.

After sending over photos to Marc he placed an order and we had a deal. In a twist of fate the sofa made for Eleanor became the Marc Patchwork Sofa.

Organising Delivery of the Marc Patchwork sofa

The sofa was made and being stored in Birmingham. For that reason we just needed to organise a courier to collect the sofa in England and bring it to Spain.

For the past 2 years our courier of choice is Gap Removals. Gap removals specialise in delivering valuable items from the UK to Spain.

I contacted Thomas the courier and checked his availability. Again, in another twist of fate, Thomas was in Leicester and later heading to Marbella.

The result, Thomas could collect the sofa for Marc and deliver within 3 days.

The Marc Patchwork Sofa arrives in Spain

Marc and Thomas the courier made arrangements to meet close to 8pm (20:00).

Just before 8.20pm (20.20) Marc called me to ask if “Thomas drove a Mercedes Van?”. I confirmed that he did, so Marc confirmed that Thomas had arrived.

At just one hour later Marc called me. He confirmed that he was “delighted with the Sofa”. Not to mention being “delighted with the service from Thomas and Gap removals”

In particular Marc highlighted the “Superior quality of the sofas” , he also said “It was a very Bohemian”.

All in all everyone was happy. Marc paid Thomas for his delivery services and agreed to “send me photos in the morning”.

At just after 11am photos arrived with me. One of the team members arranged the patchwork sofas and took the images with her camera phone.

To summarise the key features of the Marc custom made patchwork sofa.

Multi coloured patchwork sofa in 3 Seats
A width of 193 cm. A height of 94 cm.
4 antique wood castors.
Medium density foam (for comfort).


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