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Leather Sofas

Add an aura of sophistication and elegance to your living room with a Leather sofa.

Chesterfield Design Leather sofas
Leather Sofas

Best UK Quality

Leather Sofas

All leather sofas are made from genuine leather hides.

Any sofa that is made in either PVC, Faux leather or leather looking fabric would not be referred to as a leather sofa.

Our genuine leather hides are animal products so each leather hide is likely to contain naturally occurring growth lines or scars.

All genuine leather sofas are upholstered in a heavy weight and full grain pigmented leather.  Often the leather has a two-tone finish to add more character to the finish.

The range of colours and finishes in the leather is plentiful and there are many examples of leather sofas that we have made in the past.

Please contact us to discuss the design options, colour ranges or to order leather samples directly from our leather manufacturer.


Three Decades of Manufacturing

Superior Quality Leather

Our leather sofa ranges are upholstered in leather by the renowned leather manufacturer ´Futura´.  ´Futura´was founded in Italy more than 30 years ago, developing an enviable reputation for quality and service excellence.  

´Futura´has been a trusted partner of our sofa making masters for years.  Their continued investment in groundbreaking technology and techniques means their leather is the best choice to make sofas with.

The quality of their leather is a key concern, with all leather being manufactured under the ISO 9001 quality system.  One of the highest standards is leather making. 

Each and every batch of their leather undergoes rigorous quality control inspections before it leaves the factory.

All leather manufactured under the ISO9001:2008 quality system also complies with British /European standards for upholstery leather and the furnishings fire safety regulation 1988.

This dedication to quality control ensures that the leather constantly meets the high-quality standards our sofa buyers demand.  Discuss design ideas, request leather sofa images or leather samples.

Leather Sofas