Laura Custom Made Patchwork Sofa

The Laura Custom Made Patchwork sofa, created in 2018 and named after Laura Kennington. Laura had specific requirements. Firstly, the custom made patchwork sofa should fit the living room colours. Secondly, be a 3 seat patchwork sofa. Finally, made in the Chesterfield style

The first Stage of making the Laura Custom made patchwork sofa, order the fabric. The seamstress took ownership of this task and carefully selected the best colours. The result was a range of mustards, reds, blacks and tartan fabric tiles.

The seamstress concluded that the colours would create a bold, unique and visually appealing sofa. As important, the seamstress felt confident that the chosen colours matched the living room colours perfectly.

The next stage was to make the frame of the sofa. In this case the upholsterer advised that the frame would be 195 cm in width. Generally, having a frame with a width of 195 cms provides plenty of seating space and is accommodating to the size of the room.

Constructed from hardwood, the frame of the Patchwork Sofa is strong and therefore made to last.

Besides being strong and long lasting the Laura Patchwork Sofa needed to look good. Hence, the incredible colour choice and basing the design on the Chesterfield style.

There are two design features that make the Chesterfield instantly recognised.  First of all the Chesterfield has equal sized arms and back. Secondly, Chesterfield sofas have scrolled arms.

The upholsterer opted for a Medium density foam for the seat cushions. First of all medium density foam is comfortable to sit on. Secondly, the foam keeps its shape over a sustained period of time.

To conclude the sofa making process the patchwork pattern was applied and the results were spectacular. There were some delays in the making of the sofa. Thankfully Laura was very patient and very understanding. Of course, as the review of the Patchwork sofa shows, Laura was also very happy with the final result. Read the full review here.

Laura´s Facebook review

To summarise the key features of Laura´s custom made patchwork sofa.

3 Seats
A width of 193 cm. A height of 94 cm.
4 antique wood castors.
Medium density foam (for comfort).

Please contact us on +44 20 8720 9393 to discuss custom making a bespoke patchwork sofa in any colours.