Kyla bespoke Chesterfield sofa

This is the story of the Kyla bespoke Chesterfield sofa. A velvet U shape sofa handmade in the Chesterfield style for Kyla and her family.

Bespoke Black Velvet Chesterfield Corner Sofa For Kyla

At first Kyla contacted us through our eBay page. Note, we closed the eBay account. In fact we closed the eBay account 2 years ago.

This was a result of PayPal enabling a client to open an “item not received case” on a delivered sofa.

Consequently we lost the cost to make the sofa, the sofa itself and the retail value of the sofa.

Returning back to the case of Kyla. Kyla responded to one of our eBay listings. We listed a sofa for sale in the Chesterfield style. Specifically a velvet U shape Chesterfield.

The purpose of the image is to show how the custom made velvet u shape Chesterfield sofa looks in the room of our client Kyla.

Of course Kyla liked the sofa. However Kyla had questions about the size and measurements of the sofa in the listing.

During conversations we learned Kyla had struggled to find the “ideal sofa”.

Kyla faced two challenges. Firstly, finding a sofa large enough to fit the family living room. Secondly, Kyla had struggled to find a sofa that the whole family liked.

At that point Kyla decided on a sofa custom made to measure.

The purpose is to show how the Kyla Chesterfield sofa in black velvet looks in the clients living room

Creating the ideal sized sofa, made-to-measure for Kyla

After a few messages we started to talk about the size of the sofa. Kyla said she wanted a 10 x 08 feet sofa made. But first needed to know how many seats that would make.

At this point we spoke to one of our upholsterers. The upholsterer prepared a sketch to show the number of seats.

According to the sketch by the upholsterer a 10 feet x 08 feet sofa resulted in 6 seats. Kyla realised that an 10 x 08 feet sofa would be “too small”.

Consequently the size of the Kyla bespoke Chesterfield sofa increased. From a 10 x 08 feet 6 seat sofa it became a 10 x 10 feet sofa. Note 10 x 10 feet is 304.8 x 304.8 cm.

As well as the sofa, Kyla asked us to have a footstool made. Of course we were happy to have a footstool made. Since the Sofa and footstool are upholstered in the same black velvet fabric they look fantastic together.

Key features – Kyla Bespoke Chesterfield Sofa

10 x 10 feet 7 seat U shape Sofa (Chesterfield style)

Upholstered in Black Velvet

Includes a matching 3 feet square velvet footstool.

Handmade in the UK and delivered to Spain in 9 weeks.


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