Julia White Rattan Furniture

This is a story about the Julia white Rattan furniture. White rattan garden furniture bought by Julia in the summer of 2019.

White Rattan Outdoor Furniture

In July 2019 we created a Facebook advert. The advert promoted a White rattan garden furniture set for sale. The set included a white rattan corner sofa and table.

In the first instance Julia sent a message through the advert lising. Julia explained that she was interested in the white rattan for her Gazebo. In fact Julia explained that builders were renovating her garden.

At this point we were speaking using Facebook messenger but did exchange telephone numbers. A short while while we telephoned Julia. It was during the telephone conversation that we learned more about the garden renovation.

Julia explained that her builders had just installed a new Gazebo. Julia wanted white rattan furniture to sit underneath the Gazebo.

The purpose is to show future clients how their white rattan garden furniture could look in their garden

Hence Julia replied to our listing with the white rattan garden furniture set for sale.

Although Julia liked the look of the white rattan set, we needed to confirm the dimensions. In fact Julia needed to be 100% certain that the furniture would fit underneath the gazebo.

At that point we spoke to the builder. Of course conversations with the builder were positive. We confirmed the dimensions for the white rattan corner sofa as 300cm.

He confirmed that the dimensions of the white rattan corner sofa and table were “perfect”. Since the length of the Gazebo is 400cm. A delighted Julia agreed to buy the white rattan set. Next we arranged delivery.  

The purpose is to show the quality of the white ratta weave used to make the Julia white rattan corner and coffee table

Delivering the Julia White Rattan Furniture

We wanted to deliver as soon as possible. So I quickly called Mike from our courier company of choice, Gap removals.

After speaking with Gap we made another call to Julia. At that point we agreed to deliver the white rattan furniture the next day.

Delivery day was a success. For one the address was easy to find. Secondly the roads were clear. In fact there was barely any traffic at all.

After a 45 minute journey we arrived at the house. We were warmly greeted by Julia who prepared coffee for us. To save time we had assembled the white rattan garden furniture the night before. So on the day of installation things happened very quickly.

The purpose of this image is to build trust with our clients.

Naturally some nuts and bolts needed tightening. However these small jobs took no time. In under 30 minutes we had finished. We drank our coffee. Removed the packaging. Took some photos and began our return journey.

Of course, after sharing some banter with Julia and learning a little more about her.

Julia wrote review for us on Facebook. A review that we were very happy to read. Afterall, we aim to delight our clients.

To summarise the key features of the Julia white rattan furniture set.

Upholstered in white synthetic rattan weave.
1 White rattan corner sofa (300 cm) & 1 White rattan coffee table


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