John´s Custom Made Patchwork Sofa

John´s Custom Made Patchwork Sofa

John´s Custom made patchwork Sofa, created in 2018. John moved into a new apartment a few week earlier. As a result he wanted a new sofa. Specifically, John wanted a patchwork sofa. As a man with a vibrant personality, his new sofa needed to match.

2 Patchwork sofas stood on their side.  Both sofas are upholstered in colourful patchwork patterns.  A mixture of greens, reds, silvers, blues.  The tiles are sewn together like a mosaic.  Both patchwork sofas need the legs added.  The image was taken in the sofa workshop. There are many pieces of fabric, foam and otjer
John´s Custom made Patchwork Sofa

Hand-sewn & Handcrafted

The upholstery team created John´s custom made patchwork sofa in 36 days. The sofa frame is hardwood. Hardwood frames are perfect for making sofa frames. First of all, the hardwood is strong. This creates a sofa that will last. Secondly, hardwood is cost-effective, yet quality.

The patchwork pattern is hand-sewn using more than 65 tiles.  Every patchwork pattern is unique. One of the reasons John selected a patchwork sofa. The uniqueness. John described himself as “Bohemian”. The sofa has more than 20 colour combinations. The tiles are chenille fabric. Making the patchwork pattern required almost 14 days.

Delivered Securely & Quickly

In the same way that quick delivery is important, safe delivery is too. The couriers protect the sofa with a sofa bag. Equally, ties secure the sofa and keep it fixed in place. Read our shipping policy.

Delivered from Birmingham to John´s apartment in London the patchwork sofa arrives safely. John greets the couriers. Unwrapped and Placed on the far wall, the sofa has an excellent view of the television. Furthermore, the natural light from the window enables John to read and paint. Packaging removed, couriers take the rubbish to the bins.

This is a close up image of a patchwork sofa made for John.  Positioned below John´s window the 3 seat sofa is made in many different colours.  For instance, red, yellow, blue, floral, orange and white.  Like a mosaic all of the tiles are sewn together to create one design.
A closeup of John´s 3 seat patchwork sofa

Multiple Colours

Captured using a smartphone, couriers provide photographs of the sofa. Firstly an image showing the patchwork sofa underneath the living room window. The photograph capturing the vast colours of the patchwork. Red, blue, mustard and silver colours to name a few. Secondly, an image featuring John.

John sitting on his custom made patchwork sofa

Finally. Customised patchwork sofas made in any colour, shape and size. Contact to discuss. Patchwork sofas for sale on Amazon.

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