Graham Union Jack Sofa

The purpose of the image is to show a Union Jack Chesterfield Sofa when made.

Here we discuss the Graham Union Jack Sofa. A custom made union Jack Chesterfield sofa for Graham Dewar.

Naturally we were delighted to be contacted by Graham in the Summer of 2019. Graham reached out to us looking for a Chesterfield sofa in the Union Jack Style.

Of course Graham came to the right place, since we have one of the largest collections of Union Jack sofas and furniture in the country.

At first conversations took place on eBay. At that time eBay was a key online marketing tool for us. However, we have since closed the eBay account.

Graham responded to our eBay listing for a Union Jack Velvet Sofa (the Graham Union Jack Sofa).

At first we discussed production times to make the sofa. We highlighted 6 to 8 weeks. A time scale that Graham agreed with.

Next we discussed dimensions of the velvet flag sofa. In this case the sofa dimensions are as follows; Width 240 cm. Depth 103 cm. Height 78 cm.

Graham responded positively to the production time and dimensions of the sofa.

Naturally, he placed an order for a union jack sofa with us. Graham paid via debit card and the production process began.

Making the Graham Union Jack Sofa

In the first instance we waited to confirm receipt of Graham´s fund. Once our account team confirmed that, we notified our manufacturers.

In under 24 hours the accounts team confirmed payment, which meant we could start the ordering process. At that point we contacted the manufacturers and paid them to make the sofa.

Obviously we aim to keep our business costs as low as possible. Hence, we make the sofas to order.

Furthermore, we are a retailer rather than a manufacturers of the sofas. Which means that the sofas are made by another supplier and then delivered to us.

Delivery of Graham´s Sofa

5 weeks after placing the order our manufacturer contacted us with news.

In fact the sofa was completed and ready for delivery. Of course we notified Graham straight away.

Next step for us was to organise delivery. At that point we reached out to our trusted couriers and a delivery date was set.

The sofa delivered promptly to positive feedback from Graham.

In fact Graham called the sofa “sexy” and “High Quality” Two statements we completely agree with.

In the end Graham was kind enough to take pictures of the sofas in his living room and send them to us.

Proof that we are who we say we are and are legitimate. We hope this gives you the confidence to order from us.


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