Fiona Chesterfield Sofa

Fiona Chesterfield Sofa

This post describes the Fiona Chesterfield Sofa.  A pair of handmade Chesterfield sofas in velvet fabric purchased by Fiona for her home in Spain.

Conversations with Fiona started in May 2019.  For some time Fiona had been a fan of the Facebook page.  However Fiona responded with interest to a specific post.  In May the marketing team posted an advert for 2 Chesterfield sofas for sale.

In March 2019 the upholstery team purchased a new range of velvet.  Aside from the purchasing a new fabric the team purchased twice the normal quantity.  The sales rep contacted the workshop with a special offer, which we took advantage of.  This resulted in the workshop having limited space.  Hence the marketing team decided to create a special offer.

Unsurprisingly, many people responded to the offer, Fiona included.

We spoke with Fiona about her requirements.  In short, Fiona wanted two 3 seat sofas in a green or blue velvet fabric.  The team showed Fiona a range of fabric colours through WhatsApp.  From here Fiona selected her favourite.

Fabric for the Fiona Chesterfield sofa

Designer One Off Sofas

The upholstery team is briefed.  A little while later the upholstery team begin production on the Fiona Chesterfield sofa.  At first things began well.  The sofa makers completed the Chesterfield sofas on time.  Of course no delays occurred with the fabric, which was already in stock.

The Fiona Chesterfield Sofa taken in the Workshop

Fiona´s completed Chesterfield sofa

Initially the team added feet that were a little low to the ground.  Fiona noticed the feet in a photograph that we sent.  A telephone call to the upholstery team and the feet were changed within 24 hours.

The image shows the feet changed on the Chesterfield sofa made for Fiona


Shipping Nightmares 

It was during shipping that troubles began.  Our trusted courier called to advise that 4 of his team were absent.  Normally 5 couriers transport sofas from the UK to Spain.  Suddenly there is 1 courier available.  The courier collected the sofas and was forced to place them in storage in Germany.  This was due to Germany being the next destination on the couriers journey.

For a few weeks the sofas remained in storage in Germany.  Later on the courier transports the sofas to Barcelona.  The sofas remained in Barcelona for another few weeks.

Finally the courier delivered the sofas on August 13th.  In total the delay doubled the delivery time.  We quoted 4 to 6 weeks to Fiona.  When in fact delivery occurred after 12 weeks.


In this case events outside of our control did occur.  However many lessons were learned.  In particular a need to have more delivery drivers.  Since the delays that occurred with Fiona more drivers have been hired.  Equally we now work with larger more established courier firms.  These firms have a global reach and hundreds of drivers.

The Fiona Chesterfield Sofa in the living room

In the end Fiona was positive about her experience.  “Absolutely beautiful, great workmanship just disappointed with the delivery service”

Contact to discuss creating a customised sofa.  In Spain message the Facebook Page.

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