Eleanor Patchwork Sofa

This is the story of the Eleanor Patchwork Sofa. A custom made patchwork sofa. Of course named after Eleanor.

Custom Made Patchwork Sofa

So we begin in 2019. During that time we used Amazon to market our sofas. In particular Amazon helped to sell more of our patchwork sofa range.

Later we closed the Amazon account. While the account generated sales, it did not work for our cash flow. Mainly because of the time it too for us being paid after a clients bought sofas. Generally 12 to 14 weeks.

In addition to the default completion time being 4 weeks. When it fact Patchwork sofas can take upto 6 weeks to make. In truth we did not want to risk negative feedback and harm our strong reputation.

Made-to-order, handcrafted Patchwork sofas

First contact with Eleanor came into the inbox of the Amazon account. Eleanor was searching for a new sofa and liked our patchwork sofa range.

Eleanor asked us lots questions. Firstly, the dimensions of the patchwork sofa. Next the completion time for the sofa. Finally, delivery costs.

At that point we advised Eleanor of the following. That an upholsterer makes the patchwork sofas within 6 to 8 weeks. Also, that delivery in this case is 99 pounds. We emailed dimensions of the patchwork sofa.

Happy with our response Eleanor purchased the patchwork sofa.

Custommade Patchwork Sofa

Eleanor requested a vibrant and bright multi coloured Patchwork sofa and suggested a list of colours. We confirmed those colours and messaged the upholstery team.

Typically patchwork sofas take longer to make than other sofas. Mainly because the patchwork pattern is sewn by hand. A process which takes a skilled seamstress lots of time.

Once the patchwork pattern is made it is passed to the upholsterer. Later on the upholsterer attaches the pattern to the frame of the sofa.

In all it took six weeks to make the Eleanor patchwork sofa. Within that we frequently communicated through WhatsApp.

The upholsterer finished the sofa and advised us through WhatsApp. At the same time he sent pictures of the finished patchwork sofa.

At this point we contacted Eleanor with the news. A few minutes later we sent the images.

Around 30 minutes later Eleanor called us through WhatsApp. Eleanor explained that she “loved the sofa” and found it “stunning to look at”.

However Eleanor did not feel that the colours of the patchwork “suited my decor”. We advised Eleanor that we would consider a solution and contact her.

At this point we pondered a solution.

Remaking the Patchwork Sofa for Eleanor

Shortly before speaking to Eleanor we had spoken to another client. Marc, the owner of a furniture store was looking for a “bold” and “unique”sofa.

I called Marc and explained the situation with Eleanor and that he could buy her sofa. In the end, Marc agreed to buy the sofa. We called our upholsterer and he agreed to make a new patchwork sofa for Eleanor.

I called Eleanor and explained that we would remake the sofa and deliver the alternative sofa as soon as possible.

Eleanor then gave us a list of colours, which we supplied to the upholsterer and the process of remaking the sofa began.

In summary we remade the sofa in patchwork, sent the pictures to Eleanor, who liked the sofa and “couldn´t wait to see it” . 10 days later a courier from Gap removals delivered the sofa to Eleanor.

To summarise the key features of the Eleanor patchwork sofa.

Multi coloured patchwork sofa in 3 Seats
A width of 193 cm. A height of 94 cm.
4 antique wood castors.
Medium density foam (for comfort).


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