Eleanor Patchwork Sofa

Eleanor Patchwork Sofa

At first Eleanor messaged the team through the Amazon page.   Naturally Eleanor liked the sofas designs.  However Eleanor had more questions about the sofas.  Keen to know more Eleanor asked the following.  Firstly, What are the dimensions of the sofa?.  This included the sofas height, depth and seat height.  Secondly, “When will the sofa be made?”.

At first we addressed the question of the dimensions of the sofa.  This was an easy question to answer.  The dimensions are printed onto a diagram.  The diagram is emailed to Eleanor.  Next we addressed the question of the sofas completion date.  To answer this required a conversion with the upholstery team.

After he checked the production diary, the upholstery felt confident to provide a date of completion.  The date he suggested, 6 weeks.  At this point Eleanor buys the sofa and production starts.

A little while later the upholsterer finished making the sofa.  At this point the upholsterer takes photographs of the finished sofa.  Eleanor received photographs of the sofas soon after.  At this point Eleanor called the customer service team.  Eleanor hoped for a sofa similar to the Amazon advert.   The finished sofa was a random patchwork pattern.  At this moment we agreed to make a new sofa.  The original sofa now sold in Spain.  

Another phone conversation took place.  The purpose, to make sure the right colours are used on the new sofa.  We agreed a list of suitable colours.  Such as pink, red and other colours.  Immediately the upholsterer started work on the new sofa.  The upholsterer finished the sofa on July 19th.  The finished sofa is delivered July 24th.

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