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Custom Made Sofas - Made To Measure Sofas - Bespoke Sofas
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Custom Made Sofas

Tailor made to your exact requirments

Bespoke Sofas

Luxury Handmade Sofas CAD image
Tailor made luxury handmade sofas

Custom built and made-to-order

Custom Made Sofas

Often people don´t consider the option of custom made sofas.

Generally, we are so accustomed to buying sofas off-the-shelf that having a craftsman create a tailored sofa is rare.

Practically speaking custom made sofas offer advantages and solve many problems that ready-made sofa just can´t solve.

Rather than searching in vain to find a sofa to fill an awkward space, low window or alcove, a sofa can just be customised to fit the space exactly.

Equally, larger spatial areas that require a far grander sofa can be filled perfectly with a custom made sofa.

Having a sofa custom made is an ideal way to unleash that inner creative freedom and create a bespoke sofa that expresses individuality and personality.

Contact us to discuss having a sofa made to your requirements.


Custom Made Sofas & Chairs

The custom made sofas programme provides our client with an extensive range of fabrics, leathers, feet and sofa finishes to choose from.

Moreover, it enables our clients to create a tailor-made sofa masterpiece.

Our skilled sofa makers, with their generations of expertise, give our clients almost limitless design options.

To visualise how a custom made sofa will look within a room, we employ sofa design architects that are experts in computer-aided design.

The sofa design architects will create vector drawings of the bespoke sofas.

Contact us to discuss customising a sofa to your exact requirements.

Custom made sofas