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When I started LSH we did not sell custom made sofas. In fact I took a one size fits all approach. Of course this worked very well for me for a number of years.

In the beginning I sold off the shelf sofas. Each sofa had its own measurements. So whenever a client asked I quoted the sizes of the sofas and hoped they were big enough or small enough for the space a client wanted to fill.

Later though I decided to change things. I wanted to offer customised sofas to my clients. After all, by this time I had relationships with a number of sofa upholsterers. All of whom had the ability to create custom made sofas.

Actually the turning point came when I realised two things. Firstly, that I was not using the skills of my team of upholsterers. Secondly, that I was doing a disservice to my clients.

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Customised sofas – Made-to-measure and personalised

What I like most with made-to-measure sofas is the ability it gives my clients to create and own the perfect sofa.

For one, it gives you to choose the exact measurements that you need. Selling sofas with preset dimensions I often found sofas were either too big or too small. Not to mention the wrong shape or height.

Having a custom made sofa means that whatever the size or shape you need I can have that sofa made for you. Therefore you buy a sofa that is an absolutely perfect fit. In other words no more looking for a perfect sofa, I can have it made for you.

Save Time – Own a bespoke sofa – Help the environment

When you think about it that will save you lots of time by buying a custom made sofa. You do not need to visit lots of different sofa retailers.

At the same time a custom made sofa is so much more personal to you. Imagine a completely bespoke sofa. You choose the fabric, the colour, the feet design, the measurements your sofa.

For example a bespoke corner sofa custom made for Kyla

In truth it would be your sofa too. In all senses of the meaning. A completely one-of-a-kind sofa that only you would own. Naturally that comes with lots of kudos too.

Not to mention the feel good factor that you will get from owning a customised sofa. In truth custom made sofas are more eco friendly. Simply because custom made sofas do not use heavy the heavy machinery that mass produced sofas use. Moreover, the upholsterers making the sofas reduce and recycle any waste.

For example a bespoke corner sofa custom made for Kyla

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The process of buying a customised sofa

The process of you buying a custom made sofa is very easy.

Firstly, contact me and discuss what you want to achieve with your customised sofa. We will talk about the size of your bespoke sofa. The style of your bespoke sofa. For example, would you like a bespoke corner sofa or a 3 or 2 seat? Which room you want the bespoke sofa to be placed in?

Secondly, we will look at fabric options for you. Do you want a bespoke leather sofa? or a velvet or chenille fabric? We can talk about what is most practical for you and your surroundings. For example do you have children or pets? What is the colour scheme of your home?

Here is a an example of a bespoke leather sofa custom made for Steve

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Personalised sofa – Personalised service

Finally, we will talk about your budget. I work with a collection of bespoke sofa makers. Each of the upholsterers that make customised sofas for me have different methods for making sofas.

For example, one of my upholsterers custom makes his sofas from the very best quality materials. Such a customised sofa will guarantee you immense quality. However it will be the most expensive options.

On the other hand I can speak to another upholsterer that makes sofas that are quality. However he uses different woods or springs to make his sofas. Therefore his custom made sofas are cheaper compared to the first upholsterer I mentioned.

When I use the words bespoke, or personalised I refer to the entire service that I offer you.

I work to your wishlist, your agenda, your budget and communicate using whatever method works best for you.

So please, contact me and let´s discuss creating your very own bespoke custom made sofa.

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