Chesterfield Sofas

Quality Assured for 25 years

So below you will find images of British made Chesterfield sofas, every Chesterfield sofa made in England for authenticity. Every piece made by the best Chesterfield sofa makers in England.

In fact I personally guarantee that you are buying the Best quality Chesterfield sofa and furniture.

Hence I give you a 25 year quality guarantee on every piece of Chesterfield furniture.

This should give you absolute confidence that you are buying top quality, Chesterfield sofas, Chairs and accessories.

Chesterfield sofas have been part of my life for 30 years. Actually as a boy I remember the first time I ever saw a Chesterfield sofa.

Naturally, I did not know that I was viewing a Chesterfield sofa. However I loved what I saw.

I distinctly remember the curves and the deep oxblood red of the Chesterfield sofa. In truth, my favourite colour up until that point was blue. However, being 8 or 9 years old my mind changed quickly. At that point red became my favourite colour.

I recall being sedcued with the deep red oxblood leather. Truthfully I could not stop looking at the sofa. It was the most amazing thing that I had ever seen.

The purpose is build trust and show the quality of the Chesterfield sofa range
Me (Danny, the owner of LHS) sat on one of my own Chesterfield sofas

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Decades later I recall every feature of that Chesterfield sofa. The oxblood red leather. From the deep buttons on the back. The firm yet comfortable seat cushions. Not to mention a row of silver nails, neatly placed on the arms.

Equally I recall the smell of the leather and the sound the sofa would make when I sat on it.

At that point in time, my dream became to own a Chesterfield sofa of my own.

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Superior Quality Chesterfield Sofas

The Chesterfield sofa takes me back to a wonderful place in life. A time when life was simple. Nothing more than waking up, going to school, eating and playing football.

Decades later, when I bought my first Chesterfield sofa my admiration and passion for them was reborn.

When I bought my first Chesterfield sofa I was ecstatic. It arrived, I was ecstatic. I removed the packaging, I was ecstatic. I sat on the sofa for the first time, I felt a deep feeling of sadness.

It was nothing like how I remembered it. No beautiful smell of leather. No unique sound. The nail heads were not even nails, they were glued on.

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In truth, I found the sofa uncomfortable and looked different to what I remember and I fell out of love with the Chesterfield sofa.

Years later, I bought another one. This time though I invested more money. I went to a specialist Chesterfield sofa retailer.

The retailer gave me a selection of leathers to sample. He gave me a choice of nail colours. Even asked me what feet style I wanted.

Finally, he showed me pictures of the workshop. Explained the history of Chesterfield sofas.

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Authentic Chesterfield Sofas

Explained what an authentic Chesterfield sofa is. For one, made in England. Secondly, handmade. Finally, created by Chesterfield sofa makers with decades of experience. Naturally I agreed with this logic.

When I told him about my Grandfathers Chesterfield sofa, and then the one bought he smiled.

At that point he explained that I had not bought a genuine Chesterfield sofa. Rather I had bought a cheaply made Chesterfield style sofa. Probably mass produced. Probably made from cheap wood and poor quality foam.

I decided in that moment that I wanted to sell Chesterfield sofas. Importantly, the very best quality Chesterfield sofas.

Years later, I am doing that. I am now a specialist Chesterfield sofa retailer.

Most importantly, I followed the advice of the expert and now my Chesterfield sofas have all the important quality hallmarks.

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Handmade by the Best Chesterfield Sofa Manufacturers

Now you can be confident that you are buying a good quality Chesterfield sofas. I want you to own a sofa that gives you the same wonderful feeling that my Grandfather┬┤s Chesterfield gave me.

Equally I want you to avoid the sinking feeling that owning a poorly made, low quality Chesterfield gave me.

Buying from me, be confident that you are buying Chesterfield sofas made in England and from a quality Chesterfield sofa brand.

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Furthermore, I have spent years building relationships with the best Chesterfield furniture makers in England.

In truth, it did take me many years to find the best Chesterfield sofa makers in England. I have lost lots of money working with some of the worst!

Those that would not take ownership of fixing problems. Chesterfield sofa makers that promised everything, yet delivered nothing. Equally those that promised quality and made them cheaply.

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Chesterfield Sofas & furniture quality assured for decades

My goal is to welcome you as a client and make you feel valued. To impress you with our service quality and the quality of your new Chesterfield furniture.

In truth, I am confident the quality of the Chesterfield furniture will wow you. Likewise friends, family and visitors to your home. If the opposite is true, I offer you a 28 day money back guarantee.

I also want you to be confident in the long term quality of your Chesterfield furniture. Hence, each piece of furniture is quality assured for 25 years.

My confidence to offer you such long term peace of mind is I know how well the Chesterfield furniture is.

All Chesterfield furniture is handmade by expert Chester furniture makers. The upholsterer use the very best materials. The best fabric and leather manufacturers provide the upholster with the best leather and fabric.

White glove couriers deliver the sofa. The upholsterers wrap the sofa too, to keep it safe until it arrives to your home.

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Chesterfield Queen Anne Wing Chairs

Queen Anne Wing-back Chesterfield Chair

For more than 30 years the upholsterers have handmade Chesterfield Wingback Chairs.

The following images show Chesterfield chairs in the Queen Anne Style.

So if you want a chair made in leather, fabric or a combination of the two it is possible.

Custom Made Chesterfield Furniture

I am here to help you own your perfect sofa. The best way for you to own the perfect sofa is to have the sofa made-to-measure.

You choose each element of the sofa, to create something personalised and unique to you. Such as the fabric or leather. The dimension of the sofa. The feet style, cushion colours and the colour of the nails.

Fully customised Chesterfield furniture, made for you. I can arrange the following to be to your style. Chesterfield footstools, Chesterfield Queen Anne Wingback armchairs, Chesterfield corner sofas and Chairs

Here you can read two blog posts. They are examples of bespoke Chesterfield sofas made for Kyla and Steve.

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Leather Chesterfield Corner Sofas

In addition to selling 3 and 2 seat Chesterfield sofas, Wingback chairs and stools I also sell Chesterfield corner sofas.

All of my Chesterfield corner sofas are made using premium leather. All leather is supplied by the best leather manufacturers in the world.

For example, Futura of Italy. Futura is a world renowned manufacturer of Italian leather. I can provide you samples of the leather range by futura. In fact I highly recommend that you order leather samples.

This is the best way for you to see the quality of the leather for yourself.

Of course we can custom make a Chesterfield corner sofa in a range of colours and sizes too.

Below, pictures of recently made Black Leather Chesterfield corner sofa.

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Black Leather Corner Chesterfield Sofas

Grey Leather Corner Chesterfield Sofas

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Brown Leather Corner Chesterfield Sofas

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Blue Velvet Chesterfield Corner Sofas

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