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Chesterfield Sofas

Classic English Furniture, Handmade Chesterfields

Chesterfield sofas
Chesterfield sofas deep button detail.

The History Of Chesterfield Sofas

Although it is not certain who invented Chesterfield sofas, Lord Stanhope receives the credit as the inventor.  Lord Stanhope the 4th Earl of Chesterfield was a political figure and innovator.  Many believe that the conception of the Chesterfield occured on the Earl ́s deathbed. As he passed he said, “give the man a chair”. The onlookers didn ́t know if this was to sit on in the moment or as a gift.

Notably, the original Chesterfield´s were handmade in velvet fabric. Centuries ago velvet fabric was only available to the wealthy. Interestingly the Chesterfield sofa sought to help the gentleman of the day to sit without creasing their clothes. For this reason, Chesterfield furniture adorned the Gentleman’s clubs and the homes of the wealthy.

Over centuries the design features of the Chesterfield have become iconic. Such as the rolled arms, deep button back and nailhead trim.  Finally the symmetrical arm and back heights. For centuries the Chesterfield sofa was exclusively handmade in England.  In fact, some suggest that being English made is the signature of a genuine Chesterfield sofa.  Contact.

As the Chesterfield sofas made 400 years ago all Chesterfield sofas are handmade.  Similarly, the Chesterfield sofas maintain the original design features.  Naturally, there are some more modern twists to the design of the sofa. Such as upholstering the Chesterfield sofas in crushed velvet or using patchwork.  The team can customise the sofas in any shape and size.  Read the casestudies here. Kyla & Melanie.

In keeping with tradition the Chesterfield furniture makers sofas frequently handmake Chesterfield in Leather or velvet fabrics.  Creating a quality Chesterfield means upholstering the sofa in a quality fabric. For that reason, the fabric comes from the best fabric manufacturers in the world. An example is Ross Fabrics. Ross fabrics are one of the country’s premier providers of upholstery fabric. Another example is Futura.  Futura considered one of the finest leather manufacturers in the world. In fact, the quality of their leather sets the standard for the world.  Finally, a beautifully presented sofa is superficial unless the quality of what’s underneath is on par.  For that reason, all Chesterfield sofas are handmade from sturdy timber frames that stand the test of time.  Contact

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