Carmen Zebra Print Sofa

This is the story of the Carmen Zebra Print Sofa. A custom made Zebra sofa, handmade for a Solicitor in La Marina Spain.

Custom made Sofa in Black and White Stripe Zebra Print

In August 2018 Carmen made contact.  The purpose, to ask about creating a one-off sofa black and white stripe sofa. In particular a black and white sofa in Zebra print.

To begin with conversations took place on the telephone. later on we met Carmen at her office located in the high street of La Marina village in Spain.

Carmen is a conveyancing solicitor.  Her office is busy with lots of visitors.  As such, she wanted a sofa for clients to rest on.

We visited carmen at the office and discussed her requirements.  Interestingly,  Carmen has admired Zebras for a number of years.  In fact, the office had ornaments and pictures of zebras too.  As a result, Carmen asked us to make her a Black and White Zebra print sofa.

The image shows a sketch of a zebra print sofa

Faux Fur Black and White Stripe Zebra Sofa

At this point, we discussed designs and sizes.  Carmen prepared a sketch.  The sketch showed the size and shape of her Zebra print furniture.

Equally a list of features was provided.  Firstly, a sofa wide enough to lay on.  Secondly,  upholstered in faux fur.  Thirdly, a shape based on a design that Carmen had seen.  Finally, supported with chrome feet.

At this point we took the design and specifications and discussed them with the upholsterer. We needed to be sure that the zebra sofa could be made. Of course it was possible to make the Carmen Zebra print sofa exactly as Carmen wanted it.

The image shows a close up of Zebra print fabric.

Making a designer sofa in Faux fur Zebra Print

After Carmen paid for the zebra sofa and funds cleared we contacted the upholsterer. At this point the upholsterer ordered the Zebra print fabric.

The Zebra print fabric arrived with the upholsterer 7 days later. Once the fabric arrived the upholsterer created the frame of the sofa.

The upholsterer makes the frame of the Carmen Zebra print sofa from hardwood. He chooses hardwood because it is strong and will last.

With the frame of the sofa made the upholsterer installs the foam and inner parts of the sofa. Finally the upholsterer attaches the faux fur zebra print fabric to the sofa.

Arranging delivering of the Zebra Print Sofa to Spain

At this point the upholsterer advised us that the sofa is ready for collection. From start to finish the sofa was ready in 6 weeks.

We showed the sofa to Carmen who asked that we change the feet from wooden to Chrome. Of course we did that.

Since Carmen is based in Spain we contacted a specialist courier. Delivering sofas from the UK to Spain is the specialism of Gap removals. In fact Gap removals have been our courier of choice for a number of years.

During the phone conversation with Gap they offered us suitable dates for delivery. We confirmed dates with all parties and everything was arranged.

Delivering the Zebra Sofa

Carmen was away on business for delivery day however we did have the keys to her office.

Taking the Carmen Zebra print sofa into her offices proved a challenge. In fact the door was too narrow for the sofa.

In a moment of quick thinking the driver suggested that we remove the legs of the sofa. Returning from his van with a screwdriver we then started to remove the sofa legs. Shortly after, with the legs of the sofa removed we could enter the office.

At that point we replaced the legs back onto the sofa, set it up in the area that Carmen had chosen and took some photos. We left the office, locked the office and phoned Carmen to update her. We also sent Carmen photos of the Zebra sofa through WhatsApp.

After 2 days Carmen returned from her business trip. Carmen messaged us through WhatsApp to say she was delighted with the Sofa in zebra print.


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