Carmen Zebra Print Sofa

Carmen Zebra Print Sofa

This blog is about the Carmen Zebra print sofa.  A unique animal print sofa.  The upholstery team made the sofa in England and exported it to Spain.  In fact, La Marina Spain.

In August 2018 Carmen made contact.  The purpose, to ask about creating a one-off sofa.  In particular a zebra print sofa.

To begin with, conversations happen on the phone.  Later on, a meeting took place at the office.

Carmen is a conveyancing solicitor.  Her office is busy with lots of visitors.  As such, she wanted a sofa for clients to rest on.

We visited carmen at the office and discussed her requirements.  Interestingly,  Carmen has admired Zebras for a number of years.  In fact, the office had ornaments and pictures of zebras too.  As a result, Carmen asked for a Zebra print sofa.

At this point, we discussed designs and sizes.  Carmen prepared a sketch.  The sketch showed the size and shape of the sofas.  Equally a list of features was provided.  Firstly, a sofa wide enough to lay on.  Secondly,  upholstered in faux fur.  Thirdly, a shape based on a design that Carmen had seen.  Finally, supported with chrome feet.

Before payment is made, the upholstery team are contacted.  This is to ensure that it´s possible to make the sofa.  Which of course, it can.

For the most part, the upholstery team hold the fabric in stock. Animal print is different.  The fabric needed ordering. 7 days after ordering the fabric is delivered to.  Approximately 16 metres of fabric is needed to make Carmen´s zebra print sofa.

Before the fabric is attached to the sofa the frame is made.  The wood of the frame is hardwood.   Hardwood is strong and will last.  Very important qualities for sofas.  The woodcutter measured each piece of wood, ensuring accurate measurements.  With the frame now made, only 2 steps remain.  First of all, installing the foam and inner parts. lastly, attaching the faux fur fabric.

Contact to discuss. Read more casestudies below.  Visit the Facebook page.  UK/ Spain.

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