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Animal Print Sofas

Designer Sofas In Faux Fur Animal Prints

Animal print Chesterfield sofa
The book of fabric for animal print sofas

Animal Print Sofas

The animal print sofas certainly challenge the status quo in sofa design. The sofas are a perfect fuse of retro and traditional.

These animal print sofas are certain to be a prominent focal point in any room, and the sofas just ooze individuality and character.

The animal print Chesterfield sofa is our most frequently purchased piece, with customised shapes and sizes also possible. Including corners, 3 seats and 2 seat sofas.

Please contact us to discuss the design options that are available.

Our core animal print range has a selection of three designs to choose from.

Firstly the Stag animal print.  Secondly the bird print sofas.  Finally the safari animal print sofa designs.

The fabric used to make the safari and animal print sofas feels like fur.  The fur is fake. Obviously, no harm has come to any zebras, tigers, leopards or giraffes in the making of these sofas.

Bird Print Sofas. Zebra Print Sofas. Tiger Print Sofas.

An Alluring Range of Sofas In Animal Print

There are almost limitless design options within the animal print sofa range.

We have created numerous pieces according to the individual requirements of our worldwide client base.

We have certain case studies which demonstrate the design capabilities in an animal print design.

For a client in Spain, we recently handcrafted a Zebra Print sofa.

For a couple in London we tailormade a colourful patchwork sofa featuring exotic birds within the design.

Equally, we handcrafted an animal print patchwork sofa which featured faux tiger fur, faux leopard print, giraffe print, cheetah print and more.  Please contact us to discuss the available options within the animal print.  Equally, we can share images and case studies

Bird print bird pattern sofas by Luxury Handmade Sofas from the animal print sofas range