Animal Print Sofas

Incredible animal print sofas, made-to-order and personalised to you.

In fact my speciality is creating animal print sofas according to the size, style and designs that you choose.

Since the moment my upholsterer started making sofas in animal print we have created many tailormade designs.

The story begins with a visit from a sales rep. He showed us range of animal print fabric made from faux fur. Including Cheetah print, Tiger Print, Giraffe print, leopard Print and Zebra print.

Of course my Upholsterer was impressed. In particular he was impressed by the quality of the fuax fur fabric. Not to mention how “real” and “fur like” the fabric felt.

At that point my upholsterer suggested that we make sofas in animal print. Of course I agreed. Now we have been making sofas in Animal print for more than 5 years.

Custom Made Sofas in a range of Animal Print

My upholstery team has the potential to make you a sofa in any available animal print design. Please contact me to discuss.

So if you prefer zebra print then we can custom make an animal sofa in the black and white stripes of a zebra. Here is an example of a Zebra design that I had custom made for Carmen.

So please contact me though. So I can discuss creating a one-off sofa in animal print just for you. I have a range of animal print options available to you.

Leopard Print – Tiger Print – Cheetah Print – Giraffe Print

Additionally I can have other animal sofas made too. In fact I recently had a client that ordered an animal print patchwork sofa.

In truth this really was a unique sofa. My client took all of the available faux animal fur and asked for them all to be combined.

Resulting in what we called a “Safari sofa”.

In other words a sofa that combined Zebra print, giraffe print, tiger print, cheetah print and more.

An Animal Print Patchwork Sofa made in various fake fur fabric

Contact me to discuss creating a custom made animal print sofa design.

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