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uxury Handmade Sofas UK

About Luxury Handmade Sofas UK

For the past 5 years Luxury Handmade Sofas has set about to make purchasing a customised sofa more simple. 

Our objective, help clients to save time and money. 

Rather than speaking to lots of sofa makers to find out which sofa maker is the best or the most cost-effective it is easier to speak to us. 

Speaking to Luxury Handmade Sofas means speaking to a panel of the best sofa makers in the UK. 

All of the research, all of the time, all of the energy has already be invested, by us!


Luxury Sofas Online

To qualify and join the panel of sofa makers the criteria was simple.

Firstly the sofa makers must create all of their sofas by hand.

Secondly, the sofa makers must value quality.

Finally, the sofa makers must have a strong customer service ethos.

All sofas purchased from Luxury Handmade Sofas are handmade.

A Handmade sofa represents a passion, a love for the traditional, an art form. 

In a world of mass production, to make a sofa by hand is a rare commodity.

Building A Luxury Sofa Brand In Spain

In 2016 the first sofa was exported to Spain.  Since 2016 more than 20 pieces have been exported to Spain.

To export sofas to Spain represents an exciting opportunity.  The feeling is that a chance to raise some standards in a country that is not known for its manufacturing or design prowess.  To date, the feedback about the price and quality of the sofas that we export has been positive.

As well as building a team of trusted sofa makers considerable time has also been invested in building a trusted courier network. With that in mind, it is now possible to make a sofa in the UK and have them transported to other European countries.

Currently, the list of countries that have had sofas exported to them includes; Spain, France, Portugal and Germany.