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uxury Handmade Sofas UK

About Luxury Handmade Sofas UK

Luxury Handmade Sofas is striving to be the European leader in the design and manufacturing of premium sofas and furniture for the home.

For three decades, our upholstery team has followed a heritage of craftsmanship, their skills bequeathed from the previous generation to the next. 

Every single piece of furniture bought by our clients is handmade.

Handmade represents a passion, a love for the traditional, an art form. 

In a world of mass production, making sofas by hand is a rare commodity.

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Luxury Sofas Online

Commissioning Luxury Handmade Sofas to create a sofa means two things.

Firstly, the sofa is tailored to you.  Secondly, a focus on quality and craftsmanship.

In fact our current generation of upholsterer´s celebrate 30 years of hand-crafting sofas in the United Kingdom.

Every stitch, every detail represents a passion for their chosen art of making sofas by hand.

Making a one-off  sofa requires a level of care and focus unparalleled by mass-produced goods.   Our Luxury Sofa makers don’t produce flat-packed furniture created with a relentless drive to reduce costs.

Instead, we treat each Luxury sofa like a work of art that represents our craft of sofa making.



Building A Luxury Sofa Brand In Spain

We were comissioned to make our first custom made sofa in Spain in July 2016.

Our client wanted a one-off piece as a wedding gift for her only Daughter.

The client wished for a sentimental piece that could eventually be passed to her only child.  Of course we oblidged.

When our clients in Spain invest in a custom piece made by Luxury Handmade Sofas Spain they help to preserve a craft and livelihood passed down for many generations.

Equally you are buying a piece of art of enequivocal quality

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