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Julia´s White Rattan Furniture

To begin with conversations regarding Julia´s white rattan furniture had started on Facebook. Looking for new garden furniture, Julia searched on Facebook and found a listing. The listing promoted, a white rattan garden furniture set for sale.

Clearly, Julia liked the look of the White rattan set. Next to consider the sofa dimensions. Equally the speed the rattan furniture could be delivered.

After some initial exchanges via Facebook messenger, Julia suggested that I speak to her builder.

The image shows a recently opened box containing parts of a white rattan garden furniture set. This is shortly before Julia´s white rattan furniture is constructed. There are 7 pieces of white synthetic rattan in white showing in the image
White rattan furniture in the box


Outdoor Garden Makeover

Julia hired a builder to renovate the garden area. Earlier on that day the Builder installed a gazebo. Julia wanted White rattan furniture to place in the gazebo and complete the outdoor makeover. Julia decided some time ago that White rattan furniture would be the best option. With the gazebo installed Julia searched online to purchase the garden sofa. Luckily Julia found the Facebook advert that we placed earlier that day.

Firstly and before purchasing the white Rattan set the Builder established the exact size of the corner sofa. The builder received the Corner Sofa dimensions via an attachment on WhatsApp. The attachment contained images of a white corner sofa and table (in synthetic rattan) with each measurement drawn on the diagram.

Each piece of the white rattan corner sofa is 70cm. The sofa has 5 pieces meaning the overall dimensions of Julia´s white corner sofa is 300cm. Since the outdoor gazebo is 400 cm the rattan corner sofa in white fits perfectly.

The image shows a white rattan corner sofa and glass top coffee table. The synthetic white rattan material of the corner sofa is contrasted with grey cushions. The corner sofa has 5 seating places.
White rattan corner sofa and coffee table

“Quality White Rattan Corner Sofa”

Together with Julia “loving” the look of the white rattan furniture and a perfect fit, Julia purchased the set for her garden. Next step, arrange delivery.

Finally delivery needed arranging. We contacted couriers to confirm their availability. Luckily enough J K logistics had drivers immediately available. Hence delivery was possible at 09.30 am the next morning. With a tight schedule the couriers had little time for error. For this reason the white corner sofa and table were assembled the night before. As a result, the couriers arrived the next morning and loaded the furniture straight to the van.

The image shows various pieces of white rattan furniture in the corridor waiting to be delivered. Assembled the night before to save time, the white synthetic rattan table and chairs was made at the flat of a colleague. The image shows the corridor. Many pieces of white rattan furniture and a drill in a box.
Assembled and ready for delivery Julia´s white rattan furniture

On the delivery day, things flowed very well. Firstly the address was easy to find, rare for Spain. Secondly, there was little traffic on the roads. At Julia´s house, we drank coffee and installed the silver feet to the sofa and table. The packaging removed from Julia´s rattan furniture and placed into the bin. Finally, the corner sofa and table placed under the gazebo.

A white synthetic rattan corner sofa and table taken in an outdoor garden setting. The furniture is sat underneath a gazebo, next to a swimming pool. The white rattan corner sofa has 5 seating places and grey cushions. The small coffee table in matching white (synthetic) rattan has a glass top
White Rattan Garden Furniture Set.

On the whole, Julia was happy with the service and high quality of the white rattan furniture. In fact, the testimony below speaks for itself “super quality and excellent service”. “Would highly recommend this company couldn’t get better service and great price”.

A screen shot from the Luxury Handmade Sofas Spain Facebook page. This is a client review or testimonial talking about the high quality of the white rattan garden furniture. Next to the review of Luxury Handmade Sofas is a photo of the white rattan corner sofa (with grey cushions) and the white rattan coffee table with glass top. Both made in white synthetic Rattan material the image is taken outside in the garden, under a gazebo next to the swimming pool. The review reads "Bought this garden furniture yesterday and it was delivered today , super quality and excellent service . Would highly recommend this company couldn’t get better service and great price 5 stars from me"
White rattan garden furniture review



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