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In short, custom-made means made to a buyer’s particular needs. This is exactly how to describe the Kyla bespoke Chesterfield sofa.

In August 2018 Kyla messaged to discuss making a unique sofa. Initially through Amazon conversations moved to WhatsApp. Often the case when looking for a sofa, Kyla struggled to find the ideal sofa for her home. It was at this point the idea of a customised sofa became a feasible option. Kyla had a good idea about her sofa requirements. In fact, she wanted a custom made chesterfield sofa, designed to fit a large living room space.

10 x 08 feet sketch on paper of the Kyla bespoke Chesterfield sofa
The upholsterers sketch of the Kyla bespoke Chesterfield sofa.

Conversations with Kyla quickly focused on the bespoke dimensions of the sofa. Originally Kyla had wanted a 10 x 07 feet bespoke Chesterfield sofa and asked: “how many seats?”. The next step, speaking with the sofa making team to find out. As a result, the Upholsterer prepared a paper sketch to illustrate the size of the sofa.

Ultimately 10 feet x 08 feet would equate to a 6 seat Chesterfield sofa. On the neagative side Kyla felt this was “too small”

Kyla bespoke Chesterfield sofa designed and made in England by Luxury Handmade Sofas.  The image shows the 7 seater sofa and 3 foot square footstool.  Both upholstered in black velvet.  The image of the custom made Chesterfield sofa is taken in the living room of the client.  A grey rug is infront of the Chesterfield sofa and stool.  Behind the sofa is a bespoke book case.
Tailored and Handmade in England the Kyla bespoke Chesterfield sofa upholstered in black velvet and 7 seats living room and stool image by Luxury Handmade Sofas

Consequently, the bespoke Chesterfield sofa became 10 x 10 feet. Or put another way, 304.8 cm x 304.8 cm.

The Kyla 7 seater Chesterfield sofa and large footstool.  The image shows a close up of 3 of the seat cushions and the large coffe table like stool.  The image focuses on the deep button detailing of the back of the sofa and stool.  The typical Chesterfield style.
Custom made Velvet Chesterfield sofa and large footstool.

As well as the bespoke Chesterfield Sofa the Upholsterer made a large footstool. The sofa and footstool are upholstered in an identical black velvet fabric. To sum up the entire project. The Chesterfield is 7 seats and upholstered in black velvet. The dimensions of the sofa, 10 x 10 feet or 304.8 x 304.8 cm. The sofa is handmade in England and in the Chesterfield style. The stool is 3 feet square. The Handmade Chesterfield was delivered to Calpe in Spain. Despite some delays, the sofa was made and delivered within 9 weeks. Contact to discuss creating a tailormade Chesterfield or message the Facebook page.

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