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The Graham Union Jack Chesterfield Sofa, the image is taken in the factory shortly after being made.
The Graham Union Jack Chesterfield Sofa

The Graham Union Jack Chesterfield sofa. A custom made Union Jack sofa completed in 2018. During an online search, Graham discovered the eBay shop. At that time eBay was a marketing tool for the british themed furniture range.

The initial message asked about the availability of the sofa. Made-to-order sofas such as this have a 12 week lead time. Since the pieces are very bespoke, we do not hold stock of the sofas. Hence, lower prices.

Initially, Graham had security concerns. Having witnessed a cybercrime, Graham was cautious about buying online. Understanding this concern Graham paid by PayPal. 3 days later, invoice paid, production begins.

The Graham Union Jack Chesterfield Sofa before the feet were added.

For over 10 years the production team has made Union Jack furniture. This explains the high quality of the sofas. The British flag has 3 colours. Red, white and blue. Obviously, the colours selected to make the sofa. The fabric is velvet. Velvet is a luxury fabric, known for its quality. For accuracy, a specialist machine binds the velvet to create the flag. Equally, the machine applies the fabric to the sofa.

Taken in the living room, the Graham Union Jack Chesterfield sofa
Graham Union Jack Chesterfield Sofa taken at Graham´s home.

The union flag chesterfield is made in three sizes. Firstly the 3 seat sofa. Secondly, the 2 seat sofa. Finally a single-seat sofa or chair. Graham considered a 2 seat Union jack sofa. However purchased the 3 seat sofa.

Graham´s review of his Union Jack Chesterfield Sofa

The Union Jack furniture has the feet removed in transit. That´s why the image shows the Union Jack Sofa low to the ground. From inception to completion the sofa took 6 weeks. Ahead of sechedule.

Explore the range of Union Jack furishings, including Graham´s 3 seat Union Jack Chesterfield sofa.

The upholstery team can create 3, 2 or 1 seat Union Jack Chesterfield sofas to order. Allow up 12 weeks before delivery occurs. Contact the team or send us a Facebook message.

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