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A Custom made 8 Seat u shaped sofa

In June 2018 that the team received the first call relating to the Melaine U Shaped Chesterfield a custom made u shaped sofa with 8 seats.

The enquirer was looking for a U shaped corner sofa to make the most of a large living room space. Equally, the client (Melanie) wanted a quality sofa, upholstered in a luxury velvet fabric. In order to understand the best measurements for the sofa a number of telephone and email conversations took place.

Creating a made to measure U shape chesterfield sofa

During the final conversation with the sofa upholsterer resulted in a suggested set of measurements. Utilising almost 30 years of expertise it was the upholsterer that suggested that the width of the U shape sofa be a minimum of 08 feet. The upholsterer also suggested that a length of 10 feet on each part of the U shape.

Custom made U shape Chesterfield corner sofa for Melanie
Melanie Custom Made U Shape Chesterfield Corner

The upholster suggested these dimfor two reasons. Firstly, the aesthetics of the Melaine U Shaped Chesterfield. Secondly, it was the upholsterer´s opinion that this is best for comfort. In conclusion, the upholsterer believed that a distance of 8 feet gives plenty of leg room, particularly when sat in front of each other on the parallel corner.

luxury u shaped sofas

The next step was to agree on the best fabric, colour and design. During conversations, Melaine had specified a desire for a quality sofa upholstered in a velvet fabric. The design team suggested Pastiche velvet by Ross Fabrics and the Chesterfield syle.

Slub steel grey velvet fabric

Ross Fabrics is a trusted manufacturer of fabrics. The sofa upholsterer has had a relationship with Ross Fabrics that spans more than 20 years.

Ross Fabrics has a great reputation for making luxury fabrics. Having made sofas in pastiche velvet before, the upholsterer is aware of the quality of the fabric. It was the obvious choice. Fabric samples were to sent to Melaine and Slub Steel´pastiche velvet was the eventual choice of fabric.

Melanie Custom made U Chesterfield corner
Melanie Custom made U Chesterfield corner

u shaped chesterfield sofa

The final telephone conversation with Melaine was to talk about the design of the sofa. The design team suggested the Chesterfield style and Melaine agreed. From inception to completion it took 6 weeks to create the sofa.

Melanie Customised U corner sofa
Luxury Handmade Sofas UK Logo
Luxury Handmade Sofas UK Logo

Please contact us on +44 20 8720 9393 to discuss custom making a Chesterfield corner sofa.

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