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uxury Handmade Sofas UK

UK Sofa Manufacturer

Luxury Handmade Sofas UK

Luxury Handmade Sofas, Luxury sofa retailer and specialists in creating  one-off, designer and bespoke sofas. (Clicking the red text to learn more).

Regarded as the go-to sofa maker that solves the problems other sofa retailers can not.

Overcoming Sofa Making Challenges Or Creating Unique 

Take a classic example.  A client sees the ideal sofa design.  However, the measurements are not right.  Rather than be dissapointed, speak to us.

Another example.  A client wants a high quality sofa to sit under a window sill.  However no sofa fits.  Speak to us.

Finally, a client wants a unique sofa made.  A sofa that does not exist anywhere on the planet.  Yet the vision exists in the clients mind.  Reach out to us.

Online Sofa Retailers

Since the very beginning Luxury Handmade Sofas made a key decision.  Remain an online sofa retailer.  There are a number of reasons to remain as an online sofa retailer.

Lower Running Costs – Luxury Sofas For Less

Firstly, it lowers our running costs.  Which means that our quality, British made sofas cost less than other luxury sofa retailers of equal calibre.

Secondly, there are no sales staff earning salaries and commissions stood around on the shop floor.

Finally,  as online sofa retailers we market online. No expensive TV advertising or Hollywood actors paid to endorse the Luxury sofas.

In short, our clients (which include discerning professionals and retired people, Business Owners, Estate Agencies, Property Developers, Restaurants and Hotels) purchase a quality sofa, handmade in England, that is priced fairly.

Chesterfield by Luxury Handmade Sofas UK
Luxury Handmade Sofas UK Sofa being made

Second & Third Generation Sofa Makers

120 years Of Sofa Making Expertise

In truth we believe that the quality of a sofa is determined by two factors.  For one, the quality of the craftsmanship.  Secondly, the quality of the materials used to make the sofa.  This includes the fabric and wood to make the sofa frame.

Underpinning expert sofa making and the best materials is incredible customer service.

Which to us means getting things right first time or resolving things as quickly as possible in the rare event of human error.

Finally, see how well we are doing.  Read Luxury Handmade Sofas reviews by clicking on the red text.