Luxury Handmade Sofas

The purpose of the image is to build trust by showing me sat on a custom built sofa, created  by Luxury Handmade Sofa.
Darren (Danny) Leighfield sat on a sofa made by Luxury Handmade Sofas

Firstly, thank you for visiting my website. I am Danny the founder of Luxury Handmade Sofas (an online only sofa retailer).

Born Darren people have called me Danny since the age of 17. In fact a colleague misheard me introduce myself as Daz, thinking I said Dan. The next day the office started calling me “Danny Boy” in gest and it stuck.

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LHS – Building A Quality Sofa Brand Online

7 years ago I decided I wanted to be one of the best online sofa brands in the world. Selling the best quality sofas from the best quality sofa manufacturers. Now I work with the best sofa makers in the UK.

As I mentioned earlier I am an online only sofa retailer. Compared to many luxury or designer sofa brands I have much lower overheads.

Hence, my prices are lower. So, I sell high quality sofas for less than the larger designer sofa brands. A term I like to call “affordable luxury”.

The purpose is to show what a bronze velvet sofa looks like in a clients home

Personalised Sofas, Personalised Service

I have tried to build my business around the things that I value most.

Firstly, openness and honesty. Secondly, to be easily reachable and responsive. Thirdly, treated as an individual. Finally, quality throughout.

As such, I will tell it as it is. All clients are given my email address, WhatsAPP and office number. I invest time to understand your needs and personalise each sofa accordingly.

Since 2013 I have invested lots of time getting to know and understand the strengths of many UK sofa manufacturers and their counterparts in Europe.

Knowing that I have sourced the very best quality sofa manufacturers means I can select the most appropriate and best sofa maker according to your needs and budget.

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High Quality Sofas – Guaranteed for decades

I believe that my reputation and your trust is everything. To me life is so much easier when I act with integrity and do the honorable thing.

I only buy from quality sofa manufacturers that share those values. Furthermore each manufacturer guarantees their sofas from 15 to 25 years.

Experience tells me there are some not so quality manufacturers that do not honor their work.

Believe me in my first year of business I had my fingers burned. I lost money. I dealt with some real sharks. So many false promises and lies!

Now though, I only deal with the best sofa manufacturers that deliver in all senses of the word. Not to mention that I know which sofa manufacturer is best placed to make your sofa.

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Made-to-order Sofas

In the beginning I had a London based sofa boutique and one In Bristol. Both displayed lots of beautifully made, high quality sofas and furniture

However, I closed both after 6 months to become an online only sofa retailer. Namely because I sold very expensive sofas. My costs were 50% higher, which means the sofas were 50% more expensive than they should have been.

I set up Luxury Handmade Sofas to offer affordable luxury sofas. What I became was just like the heritage sofa brands. The designer sofa brands selling sofas of equal quality to mine, yet with a much higher price tag.

All sofas are now made-to-order. Typically the sofas are handmade in 6 to 8 weeks. Also, I give you the option to have a sofa made exactly to your specifications

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