Luxury Handmade Sofas

To begin with, thank you for visiting my website. My name is Darren, I am the founder of online sofa retailer Luxury Handmade Sofas.

Many people call me Danny. A name which I picked up from the age of 18 after a colleague misheard me introducing myself as Daz.

He thought I said Dan. The rest of the office started calling me Dan in gest and it stuck.

I am an online furniture retailer that specialises in custom made sofas in the Chesterfield style. Also uniquely designed furniture for outdoors.

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LHS – Building A Quality Sofa Brand Online

I set up Luxury Handmade Sofas almost 6 years ago because I believe that the future of buying high quality customised furniture is online.

My reputation as a quality sofa retailer is growing. However, I need your help to become one of the best online sofa brands in the world.

What I give you with every piece of furniture is the high quality craftsmanship of a heritage luxury brand. Not to mention the personal service and a personalised sofa.

But without the price tag of the established designer sofa brands. I call this “affordable luxury”.

Personalised Sofas and service

I value the personal touch, relationships and communication.

While it is increasingly harder nowadays for you to pick up the phone and call an online retailer, I make that possible.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements. Answer any questions you may have.

To tell you more about my business (Luxury Handmade Sofas) and how we can create a tailor made sofa for you.

contact me.

High Quality Customised Sofas – Guaranteed for 20 years

During the past few years I have worked hard to build a reputation for selling high quality sofas. Not to mention I strive to make you happy. I am accountable to you.

Therefore expect high quality craftsmanship. Importantly, expect sofas and furniture that you know will last.

In fact my sofas for sale online are guaranteed for 20 years. That shows I am confident in the high quality sofas, so I am confident that you will be too.

Finally, I believe that good quality extends to more than the sofas I sell. In fact the sofa packing is quality, the after sales service is quality and the white glove delivery team is quality too.

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Sofas Made-to-order

In all cases your sofa will be made to order. Typically, sofas will be made-to-order within 6 to 8 weeks.

The first step is to contact me and discuss your needs. During the conversation we will establish the style of the sofa you need, the colour, fabric and measurements.

Once we establish your needs I will speak with a quality sofa manufacturer and establish a date for production.

At this point I will give you an approximate date.

However, closer to the day of completion, I will give you a specific delivery date.

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