Online Sofa Retailers Of High-End Sofas


Luxury Handmade Sofas are online sofa retailers.

Daily, we strive to be one of the worlds best online luxury sofa brands.

Since 1988 our boutique sofa stores in Bristol and London have sold the highest quality sofas.

Beautifully crafted sofas that are handmade by the best UK and European sofa artisans.

However, in 2015 we become an online only sofa retailer.

We are confident in the superior quality craftsmanship of our sofas and that they will live a long and rich life.

Hence, most of our handmade sofas are guaranteed for life.

Beyond the quality of our luxury sofas, we strive to offer a personal touch and world class service.

Luxury Handmade Sofas was founded in 1988 by Lesley Leighfield, a trained furniture maker and upholsterer.

After years of making luxury furniture for other people, Lesley decided to start his own independent sofa and furniture retailer.

The first boutique store opened in Swindon in 1988. By 1992 a reputation for high quality furniture making and a dedication to service resulted in an expansion.

In 1993 the Swindon store was moved to the Cotham area of Bristol. This was to cater to a growing market of discerning clients. In 1995 the London store opened.

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Handcrafted Using The Finest Materials


Naturally the world’s best sofas need to be made using the finest materials.  In addition to being made to the most exacting standards and superior quality craftsmanship.

Every handmade sofa is created using the best woods, leather or fabrics.

For more than 3 decades, expert craftspeople have invested their time to master the upholstery techniques needed to create superior quality sofas.

The name Luxury Handmade Sofas strives to be associated with first-rate quality, refined craftsmanship and a dedication to achieving the highest standard in sofa making excellence.

We strive to be the worlds premiere online sofa retailers.

Silver studs to show the quality of the materials used in the handmade sofas
A sofa frame being made by hand to show the quality of the sofas for sale online

From the very beginning the human touch has been key to achieve our goal of retailing the worlds best sofas.

Unrivalled craftsmanship and comfort is owned to the highly skilled craftspeople involved in making our sofas by hand.

From the frame making, embroidery and upholstering the sofa leather or fabric, a combination of pride and attention to detail is invested in each handmade sofa.

Hence, the end result, visually stunning, high quality sofas that delight our clients.

Sofas Made To Order

All of our sofas are handmade to order by a panel of the worlds best sofa makers.  Including UK Sofa manufacturers and european sofa manufacturers.

Of course we do fly the metaphoric flag for sofas made in the UK.

However, we are online sofa retailers that have clients based across the world.  Tastes and style preferences differ from country to country.

Therefore we collaborate with many highly skilled craftsmen and woman located in other european countries.  Such as, France, Germany, Italy, Holland & Spain.

We believe that the quality and craftsmanship of a sofa is much more important than where it was made.

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