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uxury Handmade Sofas UK

Luxury Handmade Sofas UK

Luxury Handmade Sofas is a luxury sofa retailer.  UK made sofas delivered across Europe.  Specifically Spain and France.

We attract a high class of clientele.  Our typical client wants quality well made sofas that last.  We specialise in creating customised sofas and unique designs. Such as Patchwork, Chesterfield and sofas in animal print. 

Sofas are purchased by residential customers and professional services.  Including, estate agents, property developers and interior designers.

Since 2015 the upholstery team has made over 250 sofas. All 250 sofas, made-to-order and handcrafted.  In a world of mass production and instant gratification the upholstery team maintains traditional values.  Such as investing time to create a sofa that will become a family heirloom.  As such, sofas are guaranteed for 10 years or more.

Online Sofa Retailers

Luxury Handmade Sofas is an online retailer.  Consequently we don´t have huge business overheads.

For example, we don´t have expensive shop rents or high street rates to pay.  The result, lower prices to our clients.

As important, we don´t work with just one workshop.  Rather we work with a number of UK based sofa manufacturers.  Each sofa maker has their own area of expertise.

For example, a Chesterfield sofa maker only makes Chesterfield sofas.  The result,  high standard of craftsmanship and quality.

Chesterfield by Luxury Handmade Sofas UK
Luxury Handmade Sofas UK Sofa being made

Tailor Made Quality

There are benefits of working with multiple sofa makers.  Firstly improved customer service.  Secondly better quality sofas.

An expert is a person with 10,000 hours of practice.  Each sofa maker has well in excess of this.  In fact, most of the panel are second generation sofa makers with over 20 years experience creating handmade sofas.

Coupled with a focus on creating long lasting, well made sofas is  improved customer service.  Since sofas are made-to-order across different workshops, no 1 workshop becomes too overwhelmed.