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Chesterfield Sofas - Genuine Antique Leather - Fabric - UK Made
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Chesterfield sofas

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Chesterfield sofas
Chesterfield sofas deep button detail.

The History Of Chesterfield Sofas

Chesterfield Sofas are a quintessential symbol of class and tradition.

The Chesterfield is a furniture masterpiece that is believed to have been invented by Lord Phillip Stanhope.

At the time Lord Stanhope was the 4th Earl of Chesterfield.  He was both a respected political figure and a trend setter.

The idea of the Chesterfield sofa was to help the Gentleman of the day sit upright without creasing their garments and could often be found in exclusive genleman´s clubs.

For centuries the classic English Chesterfield sofa was only owned by the nobility of the day.

Chesterfield sofas are Characterised by their deep button upholstery, rolled arms, equal back and arm height and nail head trim.  Traditonal Chesterfield sofas were handmade in England by skilled furniture makers.

In keeping with tradition, our modern Chesterfield sofas are completely handmade in the United Kingdom and by craftsman that have been perfecting their art for generations.

We still incorporate the iconic Chesterfield features with a choice of fabrics that includes velvet or genuine Italian leather.

All fabrics are woven in Yorkshire by one of the country’s premier providers of upholstery fabrics.  The leather is the finest Italian leather made to the highest quality standards.

All Chesterfield are underpinned by a solid frame. Such strength and fine upholstery means that our Chesterfields are destined to become a family heirloom.  Call us to discuss making your Chesterfield sofa.

Genuine Leather Chesterfield Sofas